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Beehive Bridge

Railway bridge on Commonside East over the railway line that was opened in 1868 connecting Streatham to Sutton. The line separates Three Kings Piece from the rest of Mitcham Common. The name is from the nearby former pub of the same name that predated the railway.

The current bridge was built in 1939, replacing a humped back bridge. At 42 feet wide, it required extra land from the Common.

From the Mitcham News & Mercury, 25th August 1939.

The bridge had to be rebuilt as it was not strong enough to take bus traffic over it (route 118).

The tender of Howard Farrow & Co. was accepted to build the bridge.

Borough of Mitcham Council Minutes, 5th January 1939

1938 OS map reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Scotland (reuse CC-BY)

Engineer’s Line Reference is BTH1, structure reference 1217, showing that it is 9 miles and 43 chains from London Bridge (photo taken May 2017)

Sparrowhawk’s Yard

Scrap metal and former rag-and-bone site at 159 Commonside East, on the corner with Hallowwell Close.

1953 OS map of 159 Commonside East

In 1979 the childrens’ television programme Magpie did a piece on a rag-n-bone man who stabled his horse and cart at the Sparrowhawk yard:

Google Street View history has a view of the site in July 2009:

These photos were taken in December 2007, when the building of the adjacent former Beehive pub was being redeveloped.

Photo taken 16th December 2007

Photo taken 16th December 2007


Photo taken 15th August 2021

Photo taken 15th August 2021. The spire of St Marks church can be seen in the background.

Photo taken May 2022

photo taken May 2022

Planning application 20/P1060 says that the plan is to build 25 flats on the site. The site history in the Design & access Statement said that the site had been in the same ownership since 1926 as a scrap metal facility by Jack Sparrowhawk & Sons, which had ceased trading.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.