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Sirdar Road

Road accessed from Grenfell Road, between numbers 25 and 27.

Possibly built around 1910. There are two terraces, of 6 houses each, on the west and east sides of the road. All have the postcode CR4 2BX.

1925 Street Directory

from Grenfell Road

1, Miss TAYLOR
2, Herbert Henry LINFIELD
4, Edwin John MARTIN
5, Albert Leonard GLASSCO
6, William UNDERHILL
7, Edwin BURTON
8, Ernest George COULSON
9, Percival Charles HAYWARD
10, Mrs JANSY
11, Edward Thomas KEARNEY
12, John HEDGES

Google Street View

William Pizey

Born 11th March, 1913.

He married Jean Cowley in the last quarter of 1938.

In the 1939 Register he was living at 4 Grenfell Road, as a removal goods motor driver, with his wife Jean, born 22nd March, 1914.

He died on 23rd July 1970. From his will, his address was 50 Ashbourne Road, Mitcham, he left £2,350.

His son in October 2019 said:

My father James Pizey served on Salisbury plane testing the ammunition and supervising the pay. His brother Bill served in Burma was a Chindits soldier. They both had their homes in Mitcham. Their father, my grampa, served in the First World War. All survived.