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William Pizey

Born 11th March, 1913.

He married Jean Cowley in the last quarter of 1938.

In the 1939 Register he was living at 4 Grenfell Road, as a removal goods motor driver, with his wife Jean, born 22nd March, 1914.

He died on 23rd July 1970. From his will, his address was 50 Ashbourne Road, Mitcham, he left £2,350.

His son in October 2019 said:

My father James Pizey served on Salisbury plane testing the ammunition and supervising the pay. His brother Bill served in Burma was a Chindits soldier. They both had their homes in Mitcham. Their father, my grampa, served in the First World War. All survived.

1932 : Narrow escapes in fire

From the Norwood News – Friday 19 February 1932 via the British Newspaper Archives.

Outbreak At Tooting Junction

Nine persons had narrow escapes when an upstairs flat in Tynemouth-road, Tooting Junction, caught fire at three o’clock on Sunday morning.

There are two self-contained flats in the building the ground floor being occupied by Mrs. A. Patterson and her daughter. The top flat is tenanted by Mr. and Mrs. A. Jobson and their family of five children. When the outbreak was discovered, Mr. Jobson woke his family, and actually carried his young children to safety. All were in their night attire, but were able to dress.

Mrs. and Miss Patterson were roused and quickly escaped.


Mr. Jobson returned to his flat after giving the alarm and making sure that everybody was safe but the flames had spread so rapidly from the moment of alarm that his approach to the staircase was cut off, and he had to jump from a first floor window into the garden below. This is a distance of 15 feet, and he slightly sprained his ankle by the jump.

Mitcham Fire Brigade were summoned by the Tooting Junction fire alarm, and Chief Officer A. E. Wells and five men, with engine and tender, arrived in quick time. Water was obtained from a hydrant in the road. The flames at that time were breaking through the roof. Once the brigade got their hose at work, the outbreak was speedily extinguished, but not before the top front room, used as a sittingroom, and a small box room, with the entire contents, had been destroyed. A portion of the roof was also burned through. Other parts of the two flats were damaged by water and heat, and the place will need thoroughly overhauling.


During the excitement, Station Officer A. P. Riley, of the Mitcham Fire Brigade, was cut on the lip by a slate when the roof fell in, and Fireman Pugh slightly injured his hands when the piano fell. Mr. Riley and Mrs. Jobson, who was suffering from shock, were taken in the police utility van to Wilson Cottage Hospital for treatment. ” I was awakened by smoke fumes,” Mr. Jobson told one of our reporters. ” The front room then resembled a furnace. I got any wife and family out of the house just in the nick of time. Two of our canaries were suffocated by the heat.”

1. The area known as Tooting Junction was part of the Mitcham Urban District (the boundary was the river Graveney).
2. The public fire alarm used was probably near the London Road end of Grenfell Road.

Grenfell Road

Road off east side of London Road, south of Tooting Station.

1950 OS Map

1950 OS Map

The road was made up in 1902. From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council, Volume 8, 1902 to 1903, 18th September 1902, page 394:

Grenfell Road Tenders

The Council opened and considered the undermentioned tenders received for the making up, forming, kerbing, and metalling of Grenfell Road, Mitcham:-

Stockwell & Co., Bromley = £600 8s.
Adams, T., Wood Green, London = £527
Iles, E., Mitcham = £476
Free & Sons, Maidenhead = £454
Wheeler, W., Southwark, S.E. = £336

Resolved, That the tender of Mr. E. Iles, of Mitcham, be accepted, and that the necessary bond be entered into in accordance of conduct.

A water trough outside the Gorringe Park Hotel was in the way of this however, as can be seen from the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council, Volume 8, 1902 to 1903, Road and Buildings Committee, 20th November 1902, page 571:

The Surveyor reported that in order to complete the work of making up Grenfell Road it had become necessary to remove an obstructive water trough erected in connection with the Gorringe Park Hotel. The Owners of the Hotel (Messrs. Young & Co.) stated that the water trough was the property of the tenant, who, however, had refused to remove it.

—The Committee instructed the Surveyor to formally call upon the tenant of the Hotel to remove the water trough.

From the 1915 street directory:

from London Road to Bruce Road


2, Daniel KERWOOD, confectioner
Snelling & Gathercote Ltd. concrete slab manufacturers

… here is Bruce Road …


1, John C. HUGHES
3, Mrs KNAPP, wardrobe dealer
15, Raphael SHIREWITZ, ladies’ and gents’ tailors
25, Joseph WILSON, estate office

… here is Sirdar Road …

27, F. BOWDITCH, confectioner
29, Sydney HANNAM, fried fish shop
31, Hill House Laundry
33, David MORRIS, dairy
35, William TYRELL, butcher
36, Walter SWEET, oil and color man
39, Peter HEARN, greengrocer

News Articles
The newspaper articles below are via the British Newspaper Archive

Newcastle Journal – Wednesday 26 December 1917


Mother and Her Daughter’s Honour.

Elisabeth Peterken (35) Sirdar Road, Tooting Junction, wife of a soldier on active service, was charged Croydon with attempting to murder Walter Sweet, oil and colour man, of Grenfell Road, Mitcham, by shooting him with six-chamber revolver.

On Saturday, Sweet was before the court charge of indecently assaulting Mrs 12-year-old daughter. The child alleged that when she went into the shop buy some sugar, Sweet took her to back room, and behaved improperly when she was on his knee. A doctor said that the girl was highly nervous, but there were no signs any actual assault. The Chairman, in dismissing the case, told Sweet that the Bench did not for one moment believe that the girl had invented the story, but that there was no corroboration.

Sweet, giving evidence in this case, said that when he returned home from the court on Saturday, and was serving a lady customer. Mrs Peterken came into the shop and said she wished to see him alone. He refused, and sent his daughter for the police.

Prisoner then fired at him three limes, but he got under the counter and escaped, and later fired again at the shop window.

PC. Bliss said that when he closed with the woman she said: “All right. I have not shot him but I meant to. I sorry I did not. I will shoot him, for that is he all deserves.” She had a number of live cartridges in her possession.

Arthur Wm. Smith, commercial traveller who went to the constable’s assistance, said that the woman was very excited, and was apparently labouring under a feeling of great injustice.

Detective Fern said that that morning Mrs Petersen said: “I see my folly now. If I had had anyone to console with me on Saturday on my way home in the tram I should never have done such a thing. I drank a bottle of stout to give me courage. She said that she had to use both hands to fire the revolver.

A son said that his mother’s health had broken down through her trying to keep on his father’s business. His father was called two years ago and was expected home soon.

The woman was committed for trial. Bail was allowed, and Miss Nash, the probationary officer undertook to live with the woman until her husband returned.

World War 1 Connections

Private Henry Frederick Boston
Private Percy George ROE
Private John THURLOW
Serjeant Hubert William WATTS

Ad for Wainberg’s of number 3, Grenfell Road : Shoe maker and repairer.

June 1949 ad

June 1949 ad

From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council
Volume IX 1903 – 1904
23rd April 1903
page 68

No. 2483, Wilson, J., 8 shops and tenement houses, Grenfell Road, Mitcham

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Gorringe Park Parade

Parade of 14 shops, with flats above, originally numbered from 1 to 14 south of Grenfell Road and north of Inglemere Road, on the east side of London Road.

Occupants from directories
1914 Kelly Directory

Number Name Business
1 Arthur John Eacott grocer
2 George Henry Catton butcher
3 Stephen Gage greengrocer
4 Robert George oilman
5 William Ellis draper
6 Walter Rock baker
7 Albert Wilkins confectioner & post office
8 Chas. O. Gamble corn dealer
9 William James Sutton miller
11 David Davies dairy
13A J. Williamson clothier
13 Harry F. Tapping hairdresser
14 George Uridge dining rooms