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1935: King George V Silver Jubilee Celebrations

George V came to the throne on 6th May 1910, and his coronation was the following year, on 22nd June 1911. Below are clips from the local newspapers of celebrating 25 years on the throne in 1935.

Norwood News – Friday 03 May 1935
Image © Reach PLC. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

From the Mitcham News & Mercury
19th May 1935


MITCHAM’S PROCESSION. – Mitcham celebrated the Jubilee with a big carnival procession from the Town Hall to a mammoth sports meeting at Lavender-avenue.




IN THANKSGIVING. – Mitcham’s sports were preceded by a short service. In the picture are: Back row (left to right) Lady Worsfold, Sir Cato Worsfold, Mr. F.H. Priest, Lady Meller, Sir Richard Meller, M.P., Rev. C. Aubrey Finch (vicar of Mitcham), Mr. J.C. Crump (sports carnival organiser), the Mayor of Mitcham (Ald. J. Fitch), Coun. Davies, Ald. C. Woods, and Mr. W.D. Willinson; front row, Rev. E.J. Baker (on left), and Rev. W.K. Roberts (extreme right).


Steers Mead Children’s Party

Hercules Ladies Athletic Club

From the Mitcham News and Mercury, 20th of October 1933, page 1

“Mitcham Odds and Ends”


I am sorry to hear that trouble has arisen over the decision of the Mitcham Athletic Club at its recent annual general meeting, not to allow members under 16 years of age to vote at their meetings. This has been taken as a slight upon the young ladies who lately have flocked to the club in overwhelming numbers. Unfortunately it has led to the formation of another club, which may tend to cripple both organisations. Mr F.H. Priest, president of the Mitcham Athletic Club, informed me that every effort will be made to consolidate the Mitcham Athletic Club in the interests of young lady athletes.


Meanwhile, the new club, called the Hercules Ladies Athletic Club, has established its headquarters at Dahomey Road, Streatham. The officers are: Founders, Mr and Mrs R.O. Bale; committee chairman Mr R.C. Parr; honorary general secretary, ,Mr F.J.E. Meymes, 19 Crusoe Road, Mitcham; hon. Treasurer, Mrs F. Meymes; club captain, Mrs Bale; and trainer, Mr Bale. The club colours are navy blue with regulation tunic with scarlet facings. The object of the club, it is pointed out, is “furtherance of womanhood in athletics.” The club committee, in appealing to parents, states ”that Mrs O Bales (formerly Miss A.M. Stone, international runner and winner of many athletic events) is putting her whole efforts in turning their daughters into first class sport swimming, vide the club’s motto Factum non verbum (Deeds not words). “As solid foundations are essential, we feel that very careful attention given to girls under 15 years of age, will assure this being a first-class club eventually.”