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Benninga Margarine Factory

Margarine factory that was in Mortimer Road from 1932 to 1965.

1951 OS map showing ‘Works’ at Lavender Avenue end of Mortimer Road. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. (CC-BY)

According to Eric Montague’s Mitcham Histories : 14 Upper Mitcham and Western Road, page 93, the factory was built on the site of the Holborn Union Workhouse Gas Works.

From the Daily News (London) – Saturday 23 April 1932



— A factory and 175 acres of ground near Mitcham, Surrey, has been bought by the Dutch margarine firm of Benninga. A British company will he founded with a capital of £50,000, and It is expected that production will begin in the autumn. The factory will have a producing capacity of 200 to 300 tons a week.

— Reuter.

Benninga was a Dutch company that set up factories in Hull and Mitcham to avoid import tariffs.

1965 Winding Up

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of the above-named Company, duly convened and held at 20 Cannon Street, London E.C.4, on the 12th day of August 1965, the following Special Resolution was duly passed ; ” That the Company be wound up voluntarily, and that Mr. Peter Ewen, of 17 St. Helen’s Place, London E.C.3, and Mr. Stanley Shaw, of 13 Wood-cote Close, Kingston, Surrey, be and they are hereby appointed Liquidators of the Company for the purposes of such winding-up.”
A. J. Penfold, Secretary.

Merton Memories Photos
1938 delivery of equipment from Amsterdam via Hull
Undated, possibly of offices
Staff photo
Home Guard drilling at factory

This ad from 1938 introduces the brands VITSU and LARDEX:

Norwood News – Friday 4th February 1938
Image © Reach PLC. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

It also refers to the works as the BENNINGA SUNSHINE FACTORY.

1962 ad

Text of ad:

Ask your Grocer for


Are manufactured by:
(Incorporating Juvit Ltd.)
MITcham 3061 (7 lines)

Established 29 years — good for a century

BBM was Butter Blended Margarine

Aerial photos of whole site before demolition

bing aerial-01

bing aerial-02

bing aerial-03

bing aerial-04

bing aerial-05

bing aerial-06

bing aerial-07

bing aerial-08

bing aerial-09

bing aerial-10

bing aerial-11

bing aerial-12

bing aerial-13

bing aerial-14

bing aerial-15

bing aerial-16

bing aerial-17

and of the ‘tunnel’
Benninga Tunnel 01

Benninga Tunnel 02

Benninga Tunnel 03

Benninga Tunnel 04

Bond Road

Road running west from Western Road to London Road, south of the Swan.

1865 OS map

1894 OS Map Bond Road

1894 OS Map

1953 OS map

The row of houses on the south side of Bond Road as you come in from the London Road, was called Cecil Terrace, which can be seen on this c.1900 photo on Merton Memories.

The 1918 Electoral Register shows these occupants of Cecil Terrace:

1, Ellen Mary Ann and Isaac VINCE
2, Clara Elizabeth VINCE
3, Ellen Louisa COX
4, Maria and Charles SURKITT
6, Mary Elizabeth and William Arthur SKIVENS
7, Jessie Ellen and Thomas William PAICE
8, Emma and Henry BARTLETT
9, Maud Lily and Frederick Charles GRAHAM
10, Ada Emily and James VINCE
11, Mabel and Henry Thomas JEEVES
13, Ada and Edward Joseph WALLIS
14, Maria and George WALLIS

The 1925 Street Directory shows that the houses in Cecil Terrace were numbered from 1 nearest the London Road junction. The location of the houses on the north west side of Bond Road is not given, but it could be assumed that Mortimer House was near where the junction with Mortimer Road is now. The occupants in 1918 were

House Names
Lavender House Anna and Henry FOWLER
Cavendish House Emily Ann WOOD
Mortimer House Bessie and John BRETT
Mortimer House Elsie and James Alfred RICE
Holborn Union Gas Works Kate Olive and John Emmanuel HUMPHREYS

1925 Street Directory

BOND ROAD, from 8 Rupert terrace, London Road, Upper Mitcham to Western Road

South side

1, Isaac VINCE
2, Frederick Samuel COUSINS
3, Mrs COX
4, Percy TAYLOR
5, Mrs READ
6, William Arthur SKIVENS
7, Thomas W PAICE
8, Harry BARTLETT, fodder salesman
9, Robert NOBLE
10, James VINCE
11, Charles Ellis JEEVES
12, Robert TOWNSEND
13, George WALLIS

North-west side

ALLEN, Son & Fielding, scrap iron merchants
Henry FOWLER, florist (Lavender House)
Miss WOOD, (Cornish house)
John BRETT, box repairer (Mortimer house)
John E. HUMPHREYS, (Holburn farm)

The terrace of houses was renumbered to be odd from 1 to 27.

In 1988 planning application 87/P1246 was approved for Anchor Housing, who built the nearby Sir Arthur Bliss Court, to build a block of flats for the elderly.

Newspaper Articles

Article Details Newspaper Date Page
Bottleneck photo Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser 01/02/1951 1
Historical Note Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser 01/02/1951 4
Improvements planned Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser 22/07/1954 1
Housing Proposal Mitcham and Colliers Wood Gazette 07/02/1958 3

World War 1 Connections
Stoker 1st Class Robert Cox

Private John Humphreys

Private Edgar Vince

Private G Wallis

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

R S COX of 3 Bonds Road, aged 18 Years 1 Months, Fitters Mate. Conscripted on 5 January 1916 to the Northamptonshire Regiment (53rd Ysb).

W MITCHELL of 12 Bonds Road Surrey, aged 31 Years 1 Months, Carman. Volunteered on 19 April 1915 to the Army Service Corps.

E A RUDDICK of 6 Bonds Road Up Mitcham, aged 33 Years 2 Months, Blacksmith. Conscripted on 2 March 1917 to the 30th Infantry Labour Coy.

W A SKIVENS of 6 Bonds Road, aged 26 Years 8 Months, Labourer. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Essex Regiment (14th Batn).

E VINCE of 1 Cecil Terrace Bonds Road, aged 35 Years 3 Months, Labourer. Conscripted on 25 January 1917 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment (3rd Batn). Note that the Register shows BINCE, but given the CWGC entry, this is more likely to be VINCE.

A S WALLIS of 14 Bonds Road, aged 25 Years 9 Months, Plumber. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 9 December 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (10th Batn).

C WALLIS of 14 Bonds Road, aged 30 Years 10 Months, Motor Driver. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment (6th Batn).

H WOOD of Cavendish House Bond Road, aged 24 Years 10 Months, Postman. Volunteered on 19 October 1915 to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

From the Military Service Tribunals:
Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 14th December, 1917
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr Moore, in appearing in the appeal for exemption for Mr H. Fowler of Bonds-road, Mitcham, said his client held an agriculture certificate.

Councillor Mizen : He can stand over until it is withdrawn.

The Tribunal decided to adjourn the case until the certificate was withdrawn.

Note the use of Bonds Road. The previous name was Bond’s Lane.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.