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Plummer Lane

Road running north-westerly from Bond Road and Eveline Road.

Possibly built by H. Paulson in around 1926/7. A terrace of six houses on each side of the road, numbered odd on the west side, as 1 to 11 going north, and even on the east side 2 to 12. Royal Mail postcode lookup in 2017 shows 13 properties in CR4 3HR, with the addition of 2A.

1951 OS map

From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District Council, Highways and Buildings Committee, on 7th November, 1929, page 469, the residents of Plummer Lane had written to the council asking for it to be renamed. The council said that:

the name was originally suggested to perpetuate the name of the Plummer family, who had left certain moneys for the benefit of the parish, which moneys are included in the sum administered by the Trustees of the Mitcham United Charities. … the residents were to be informed that the Committee saw no adequate reason for any change.

Thomas Plummer’s charity was created out of his will of 1641. Bread was to be handed out by the parish church, every Sunday, to the local poor. Source: Reports of the Commissioners Appointed in Pursuance of Acts of … concerning Charities and Education of The Poor, Volume 33.

News Articles

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Thursday 30 August 1928 (via the British Newspaper archive)


As an ambulance was returning along London Road, Mitcham, with an accident case the driver, E. Hedger, heard a bump, and saw in his mirror a girl being carried along on the mudguard of a motor car that had just passed him. He stopped the ambulance, and picked up Hettie Sinclair, of Plummer Lane, Mitcham, who after stepping off a tramcar was caught by the motor car.

“It is my 14th birthday to-day,” she said as she was being taken to a doctor for treatment. She was taken home in the ambulance.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Eveline Road

Road that connects Mortimer Road at its western end to its eastern end to London Road, where Streatham Road and Locks Lane meet.

1953 OS map

Originally called Prospect Road according to a footnote in a 1957 article on a human skull being found in a coal shed.

Older sign for Eveline Road, photo taken 3rd July 2020.

The houses are numbered odd on the south side, ascending from the eastern, London Road end, and even on the north side.

There is an allotment between the north side and Lavender Avenue, which is accessible from London Road. It is one of the 18 such allotment sites run by Merton Council.

On the south side, between numbers 47 and 49, is Plummer Lane, which leads to Bond Road.


W.E. Horsman, Son & Co., Iron Foundry
Light industrial unit at no. 32

Occupants from Street Directories


Eveline road, from 6 Eveline villas, London road.


2, Mrs McCAIG
6, Henry S. SAMME
8, Rev. Geo. ROBINSON


3, George HILLS
5, John Ernest EVERETT
9, Charles APLIN


Eveline road, from 6 Eveline villas, London road.


1, Noah BLAKE
4, George H. EARL
6, Mrs G. DALE
8, Carey KELHAM
10, Mrs BROWN


3, George HILLS
5, John Ernest EVERETT
7, Mrs SMITH
9, Henry HILLIER


Eveline road, from 5 Eveline villas, London road.


3, George Horace BROOKMAN
5, Charles Robert William JORDAN
7, Miss ROGERS
9, Thomas HILLIER
11, Samuel H. SAUNDERS; Roland Charles DUNKLEY
15, Victor A. SAUNDERS, insurance agent
17, Henry COLES
23, Frederick John BUSH
W.E. Horsman, Son & Co., sanitary engineers


26, Charles MAYHEW
24, George William RUSE
20, John Edward BLUMIRE
18, Leonard Arthur COLES
16, Charles Henry J. SIVIOUR
14, Edward John HARVEY
12, Arnold L. BESEKE
10, Charles Frederick BROOKMAN
8, Carey KELHAM
6, Mrs Ellen DALE
4, George EARL
2, William GLOVER
1, Noah BLAKE

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.