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Mitcham Rifle Club before 1914

BRIGHTON RAILWAY v. MITCHAM. Won by Brighton. Scores : Brighton Railway.—P. Jackson, 99; F. Nightingale, 98; P. Bates, 97; C. Streeter, 96; E. Fox, 96; G. Burt, 94 ; G. Clayton, 94; J. Fox, 93—total, 767. Mitcham Railway.— A. Dalziel, 96; J. Baker, 95 ; J. Rompel, 92; A. Baker, 91; S. Chart, 88; J. White, 88; W. Tullett, 87; H. White, 87—total, 724.

Source: Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser – Saturday 24 February 1912 from the British Newspaper Archive


At Mitcham. Scores :
Mitcham. — L. W. Munday, 97; H. W. White, 96; J. B. Rompel, 96; J. A. Baker, 95 ; J. D. Clarke, 95; A. Dalziel, 95; J. White, 93; R. Robinson, 93. Total, 760.

“Old Boys.” – C. W. Hall, 100; D. Mc- Kerchar, 99; L. E. Hall, 97 ; L. Jones, 95; R. K. Batstone, 95; R. E. English, 94; G. L. Bailey, 91; A. Brown, 83. Total, 754.

Source: Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser – Saturday 06 April 1912 from the British Newspaper Archive


— Won by “W” Division Police. Scores : Police.—P.c Baker. 85; P.s. Blacklaws, 92; P.c. Wilson, 93; P.c. Talbot, 99; P.c. Cleaver, 94; P.c. Wilkie. 100; P.c. Alder, 93; P.c. Jackson, 92. Total, 750.

Mitcham — Mr. Guyatt, 84; Mr. J. White, 81; Mr. J. B. Rompel, 86; Mr. J. A. Baker, 90; Mr. A. Jenner. 92; Mr. Philpot, 92; Mr. J. White, 84; Mr. S. Chart, 82. Total, 691.


— Won by Addiscombe.

Addiscombe. — G. Foster, 95; A. F. Knight, 93; W. E. Harvey, 96; A. Dixon, 99; H. C. Pressland, 97; A. Cotterell, 94; T. Hooker, 95; F. C. Burgess, Si. Total. 763.

Mitcham. — Philpot , 93; Munday, 97; A. Jenner. 90; J. B. Rompel. 89: J. A. Baker, S. Chart, 85; G. Wyatt, 85; J. White, 94. Total, 704.

Source: Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser – Saturday 28 October 1911 from the British Newspaper Archive

1929 : Where to shop in Mitcham

From the Mitcham News & Mercury, 4th January, 1929

advert in Mitcham News and Mercury from 1929

Where to Shop in Mitcham

All Mitcham Exchange

FIRE BRIGADE : London-rd 0837
POLICE: “W” Division 0829
AMBULANCE: At Vestry Hall 0837
Clerk to the Council 1543
Surveyor 1583
Public Health Officer 2907

J. C. SMITH Lower Green. Timber and building materials at lowest prices. ‘Phone: Mitcham 0823

E. BIRCH and SONS. 274 London-road. Prime Southdown Mutton and Scotch Beef. Family orders a sepciality.

JEWELLER and Diamond Merchant.
J. B. ROMPEL London-road. Wedding rings sold by weight all shapes stocked or made up at short notice. the usual present with each wedding ring. Old gold and silver bought or taken in exchange. Dress and engagement rings of 18ct gold, platinum set with finest stones. Weekly payments taken.

PERCY MAYHEW, 239 and 231 London-road, Mitcham. Large stock of Children’s Annuals and Reward Books. New Year Cards, Diaries, and Calendars. Splendid selection of Ladies’ Handbags, etc. Weekly payments taken. Mitcham 2478.

A. J. STRINGER. Memorial Sculptor. 63 Church-road (opposite Mitcham Churchyard). Best work. Moderate price. ‘Phone: Mitcham 1532.

J. B. ROMPEL. F.I.O. London-road. 40 years experience of sight testing and making of glasses of every description. Prescription work a speciality. All repairs quickly executed on the premises. Testing and advice on most up-to-date methods.

H. LITTLECHILD. 276, London-road. High–class Tailor. Good quality, moderate prices. Trial order.

DONALD S. DREWETT, late John Chart. Upper Mitcham. Personal attention. ‘Phone: Mitcham 2905.

J. B. ROMPEL London-road. 40 years experience. Repairs personally executed and guaranteed, completed and chronometer work a speciality. Watch glasses fitted while you wait. Fine selection gold and silver presentation watches; all leading lines of watches stocked.

Entries from the 1930 commercial directory

E. Birch & Sons, butchers, 36 & 38 Church rd. (T N 0817) & 274 London rd. T N 2454

Donald S. Drewett (nephew to the late J. R. Chart), undertaker, 45 Upper green east (Telephone, Mitcham 2905) & 118 London road

Horace Littlechild, tailor, 276 London Road

Percy Mayhew, confectioner. 231, & stationer. 239, London rd. T N 2478

John Baptiste Rompel, watch maker, 278 London Road.

John Smith, timber merchant, Lower Green West. T N 0823

A.J. Stringer junior (also Albert John Stringer, sexton, Mitcham parish church).