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Beddington Corner Football Club



Names on this photo


  • T. Ciani
  • F. Elwood
  • A. Lucas
  • P. Howes
  • D. Vaughan
  • T. Reirling
  • B. Childs
  • K. Harwood
  • J. Vaughan
  • W. Smith
  • G. Streeter
  • Seated

  • D. Holmes
  • Eric Stepney
  • W. Dixon
  • D. Brockwell
  • D. Herriman
  • K. Abbott

Eric Stepney was the brother of Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney, who played for Tooting & Mitcham United FC and after whom the road Stepney Close is named.

Tom Higgs

Thomas Higgs was known as the “Sporting Mayor” of Mitcham in 1957.

1st May 1958 at Hall & Co. This clip is from Merton Memories photo, reference Mit_Work_Industry_2-12

From the Norwood News – Friday 28 June 1957, via the British Newspaper Archive

The Sporting Mayor

THE borough of Mitcham has been fortunate in recent years in having mayors who show a keen interest in local sporting activities. The present one, Coun. Tom Higgs is no exception.

He is an official of Mitcham Boxing Club, an A.B.A. judge, a keen cricketer and a soccer fan. He is a vice-president of local amateurs Tooting and Mitcham.

Now I am pleased to see that the sports-conscious Mayor and I have something in common. We both believe that something must be done to liven up amateur soccer.

At United’s club dinner on Saturday the Mayor said he was concerned about the fall of gates and growing lack of interest in the game (although, of course, this doesn’t apply to United at the moment—but it could in the future). He suggested that more importance should be attached to league games.

” Dare I suggest a promotion/ relegation system ? ” he asked.

This, of course, is not new. But surely the time has come for the amateur bodies that be to give it their EARNEST consideration

Among his sporting interests:

boxing – he was secretary of the London Amateur Boxing Association in 1960;

cricket – he wrote the history of the Mitcham Cricket Club in the booklet ‘300 Years of Mitcham Cricket’ (a reprinted paperback book is available on Amazon.co.uk);

soccer – he was vice-president of Tooting & Mitcham.

Photos on Merton Memories:

Home Guard Memorial Service in 1957

Planting a bush at Glebelands Old Peoples Home in 1957

At a Chamber of Commerce Dinner

At another Chamber of Commerce dinner

Crowning Mitcham’s May Queen, Elizabeth Holbrow in 1958

At a Labour Party social in 1958

With his wife on leaving the office of mayor