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Stepney Close

Road built on the site of the former Tooting & Mitcham United football ground, and named after Alex Stepney who was born in Mitcham and played for the club in the early 1960s.

OpenStreetMap, 2018, shows the road as Stepney Way

The Royalmail website shows two addresses, number 1 and 3, both with the postcode CR4 2GG.

Beddington Corner Football Club



Names on this photo


  • T. Ciani
  • F. Elwood
  • A. Lucas
  • P. Howes
  • D. Vaughan
  • T. Reirling
  • B. Childs
  • K. Harwood
  • J. Vaughan
  • W. Smith
  • G. Streeter
  • Seated

  • D. Holmes
  • Eric Stepney
  • W. Dixon
  • D. Brockwell
  • D. Herriman
  • K. Abbott

Eric Stepney was the brother of Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney, who played for Tooting & Mitcham United FC and after whom the road Stepney Close is named.