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G. Davis, greengrocers (“Blowers”)

Greengrocers, George DAVIS & Sons, that was at 1a and 41 Upper Green East, also known as “Blowers”. On Sundays, in season, they sold seafood.

1952 ad

Text of ad:



(Davis Fruiterers Ltd.)

Better known as “BLOWERS”

41 and 1a Upper Green East, Mitcham

Winkles, shrimps, etc.
On Sundays Only
(When in Season)

MIT. 2189

1973 ad

The last day of trading was 4th March 1978, according to Merton Memories, and shown in this clip:

clip from Merton Memories, reference Mit_Work_Industry_41-1

Listed in the 1902 directory as George W. Davis, fruiterer, and in the 1904 street directory, as described as heading east:

Mrs TURNER, baker
Henry SEARLE, furniture dealer
William LAWRENCE, dining room

…… here are Watts cots ……

George DAVIS, greengrocer

and in the 1930 commercial directory as George W. Davis & Son, greengrocers, and in the 1954 telephone directory as Davis Fruiterers Ltd, 41 Upper Green East, MIT 2189

The shop at 41 Upper Green East is, in 2020, used by Magrath Locksmiths, who possibly moved there in 1992.

Randalls (Wimbledon) Ltd.

Watts Yard
Upper Green East

Sugar Confectionery

Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

The location of Randalls was described on the Facebook Mitcham History Group as between Turners the bakers and where the locksmiths is now. This puts the location of Watts Yard to be between 39 and 41 Upper Green East.

News Articles


Firemen fought for three hours early on Wednesday morning to control a blaze at the Mitcham sweet factory of Randalls (Wimbledon) Limited.

The fire started just after 2 a.m. when sacks of peanut husks stored in the yard of the firm’s premises at Upper Green East overheated and caught alight.

The flames quickly spread to the roof timbers of the toilet block, against which the husks were stacked.

A storeroom of the adjacent South Suburban Co-operative shop also caught alight and roof timbers and a door were burned. Some stock was damaged by smoke.

A spokesman for Randalls said that it was too early to estimate the cost of the damage.

Source: Mitcham News & Mercury, 21st January, 1966