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1820 wine for sale from Rev Dr. Heathcote

1820 12 02 Heathcote wine

The late Dr. Heathcote’s Wines, Mitcham-common. – By Mr, HOGGART, at the Buck’s Head, Mitcham, on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 12, by order of the Executors.

The Cellar of fine Wines of the Rev. Dr. Heathcote deceased, lying in the cellar of his late residence, upon Mitcham-common, from whence they will be permitted to the purchasers; they consist of about 130 dozens of port, 6 and 3 years in bottle, and about 26 dozens of old Madeira, claret, hermitage, &c. To be tasted the morning of sale; and catalogues had at the Buck’s Head, Mitcham; and of Mr. Hoggart, 62, Old Broad-street.