De’Arn Gardens

Road off the north side of Love Lane, west of Taffy’s How. It’s a T-shaped cul-de-sac.

August 2019, from Apple Maps

1953 OS map, reproduced by permission of National Library of Scotland (re-use CC-BY)

Possibly built in the 1920s. A newspaper article from 1931 refers to the road:


Arthur R. Booth (47), haulage contractor of De’Arn Gardens, Mitcham, was charged on Friday with obtaining £100 each by false pretences from Alfred J. Rawlings, of Leyton, and Herbert Smith, of Shoreham, Kent. The prosecutors answered an adver- tisement offering partnership for £100 in a lorry transport business. Booth, they said, told them he had large transport contracts. They each paid the amount named, but were I greatly disappointed with the results. At the garage in Mitcham there was no evidence of the big business alleged, end they had difficulty in getting their wages. Rawlings said he received only half what was agreed to be paid. He and Smith eventually went to the police. Booth, who denied the charges, remanded on bail for a week.

Source: West Sussex Gazette – Thursday 26 November 1931

On 15th March 1935, Gordon Victor DEARN of 77 Love Lane, registered a strip of land with the Land Registry. It is believed that the name of the road had the apostrophe added to make it sound more desirable.

Odd numbered houses, on the left or west side, have the postcode CR4 3AY, and even numbered house on the east side have CR4 3AZ.

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