The Cedars

House that stood on Commonside East that Eric Montague thought dated to the 18th century.

1867 OS map

Auctioned in 1857:-

20th October 1857 South Eastern Gazette

20th October 1857 South Eastern Gazette

Text of ad:


ROBT. W. FULLER HAS received instructions from the proprietor (who is leaving the neighbourhood,) to SELL by AUCTION, at “The CEDARS,” Mitcham-common, on This Day and To-morrow, OCTOBER 20th and 21st, at Twelve for One o’clock each day part of the excellent well-made HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising mahogany and japanned four-post and French bedsteads and hangings, goose feather beds and bedding, marble top and other washstands and fittings dressing tables and glasses, carpets, chests of drawers the usual chamber appendages, mahogany and rosewood dining, loo, card, and occasional tables, cheffoniers, sets of chairs, easy chairs, window curtains, chimney glasses, Brussels and Kidderminster floor and stairs carpets, steel fenders and fire-irons, fine-toned pianoforte in rosewood ease, kitchen items, garden tools, greenhouse plants, dairy utensils, Oxford dog cart, harness, etc.

The Live and Dead Farming Stock, Implements of Agriculture, etc., comprise two useful cart horses, 26 well-bred sows and pigs, 100 head of poultry, carts, ploughs, harrows, patent chaff and turnip cutters, hey-making, winnowing, and corn crushing machines, land roller, home hoe, liquid manure and shop pumps, deals, battens, feather-edged and other boards, 9 stacks of, hay, stack of barley and pea draw, stack of oats, and ditto, about 60 bushels of potatoes, and miscellaneous effects.

The Furniture, etc., will be sold on the first day.

May be viewed, and catalogues obtained at Garraway’s Coffee-house, Change-alley, Cornhill; the inns in the neighbourhood ; and at the Auctioneer’s office, 101, High-street, Croydon.

See photo on Merton Memories.

The Surrey History Centre has this deed of covenant dated 30th September 1879

Deed of covenant for production of title deeds

1) Alfred Essex and George Thrupp both of London
2) Richard Henry Stainbank of Sussex.

Recites that 1) are mortgagees of a mansion house called The Cedars, Mitcham Common on the north side of the Mitcham/Croydon road lately occupied by Mrs Martha Urmson. Stainbank is the owner of The Cedars and Cedars Cottages (two) occupied by Mrs Bullock and Edward Satchell. He also owns Cedars Lodge or The Hut, Mitcham Common late occupied by William Hooper. The deeds of The Cedars relate to part of the site of Cedars Cottage and to Cedars Lodge.


Conveyance, covenant to surrender and mortgage, 29 Jan 1853

1) Robert Stafford
2) Stainbank
3) Edward Ellerton, William and Thomas Essex.

Steward’s copy of surrender of Richard Stafford, 13 Jul 1853, and admission of Stainbank, 24 Jan 1855.
17 July 1879, as in -/7/1.
27 Sep 1879, reconveyance of mortgage of 1853.

[A covering wrapper, now destroyed, recorded that the portions enfranchised relate as follows No. 1 to Lots 1 (The Cedars), 2 Tamworth Lane. Fields sold to Mr Paxton, 3 Gardens of Cedars Cottages 4 Cedars Lodge 5 Outlying piece, sold to Mr Paxton No. 2 to Lots 3 & 4]

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