Bramcote Parade

1937 aerial Bramcote Court

26th June 1937

A parade of 4 shops at the curved part of Bramcote Court, on the west side of Bramcote Avenue at the junction with Cricket Green. The shops are numbered 1 to 4 from south to north, with no. 4 facing Cricket Green.

1954 OS map


Harper’s sweet shop was remembered by a user of the Facebook group Mitcham History:

When I think of shops in Mitcham, I remember the names of Harpers sweet shop on the corner of Bramcote Ave and Stevenson & Rush in London Road. Harpers I remember waiting with a bowl to collect the ice cream during rationing and Stevenson & Rush for the smell of ground coffee.

The 1954 telephone directory lists Eric Harper at no. 1, telephone MITcham 2635.

1963 ad for Molly’s at 1 Bramcote Parade

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