Bramcote Parade

1937 aerial Bramcote Court

26th June 1937

A parade of shops at the curved part of Bramcote Court, on the west side of Bramcote Avenue at the junction with Cricket Green. Originally there were 4 shops, numbered 1 to 4 from south to north, with no. 4 facing Cricket Green. At present, in 2022, there are 3 shops, numbered 1-2, 3 and 4.

1954 OS map


Harper’s sweet shop was remembered by a user of the Facebook group Mitcham History:

When I think of shops in Mitcham, I remember the names of Harpers sweet shop on the corner of Bramcote Ave and Stevenson & Rush in London Road. Harpers I remember waiting with a bowl to collect the ice cream during rationing and Stevenson & Rush for the smell of ground coffee.

The 1954 telephone directory lists Eric Harper at no. 1, telephone MITcham 2635.

No. 1

1963 ad for Molly’s at 1 Bramcote Parade

No. 2

A. ROGERS, greengrocer – source: 1938 Mitcham Guide

1938 ad for A. Rogers, from the Mitcham Guide

Home Furnishing Stores, tel: MIT 2635 – source: 1946 Norwood News

Norwood News – Friday 19 July 1946
Image © Reach PLC. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

No. 3

School Government Publishing Co. Ltd, – source: 1948 Norwood News

Norwood News – Friday 22 October 1948
Image © Reach PLC. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

Croft & Co., advertising:

1960 ad:

Croydon Times – Friday 30 September 1960
Image © Successor rightsholder unknown.

S.L. CROFT, advertising, tel: MIT 4397 – source: 1967 Chamber of Commerce listing.

Cottam’s pram repair shop.

Toys on Parade – see 2008 photo below

No. 4

J.F. EXCEL, greengrocers – source: 1952 Chamber of Commerce listing.


In 2021/2 the shop fronts were given a facelift, paid for out of the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is contributed to by local developers. This was done after a successful campaign by the group Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage, who had campaigned for this parade and Bramcote Court be added to Merton Council’s Local List.

Bramcote Parade in August 2019

Bramcote Parade in April 2022

This photo, from 2008, was posted onto the Mitcham History Group on Facebook, and is reproduced here with the user’s permission.

Bramcote Parade in 2008

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