1906 Surrey Tobacconist’s Huge Estate

Surrey Mirror – Friday 09 March 1906

Surrey Tobacconist’s Estate.

Mr. Gilliat Hatfeild, of Morden Hall, Morden, and of the firm of Messrs. James Taddy and Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, who died on the 10th of February last, aged seventy-nine, left estate of the gross value of £1,321,821, of which the net personalty has been sworn at £1,020,560. Probate of his will, dated the 18th of November, 1897, has been granted to his son Mr. Gilliat Edward Hatfeild, of 45, Minories, and 5, Albemarle-street. The testator bequeathed £1,000 each his said son, Gilliat Edward Hatfeild, his cousin, Mr. Charles Taddy Hatfeild, his son-in-law, Mr. Robert Sydney Bacchus, and Mr. Charles Robert Rivington. All his estate at Burghfield and elsewhere in Berkshire he left to his daughter, Mrs. Jesse Norah Bacchus, free of all duties. He left the following sums to be settled upon his daughters in addition to sums already secured to them by marriage settlement, viz.: £75,000 for his daughter Ethel Florence, £67,000 for his said daughter Mrs. Jesse Norah Bacchus, £65,000 for his daughter Mrs. Jesse Norah Bacchus, £65,000 for his daughter. Beatrice Alice, and £30,000 for his daughter Ellen Gertrude. in each case upon trust for their benefit for life, with remainder to their issue. He left £30,000 upon trust for his grandson, only child his late daughter, Ida Blanche, on attaining majority. All other his estate, amounting ever £1,000,000, left his son, Mr. Gilliat Edward Hatfeild absolutely. The late Mr. Hatfeild’s estate will pay the Exchequer death duties (in addition to possible succession duty settled estate) over £119,000.

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