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Seely Road

Road south of the river Graveney, hence in the Urban District of Mitcham.

The owner of the land was Sir Charles Seely, after whom the road is named. He leased the area to the Tooting Bec Golf Club. When developed for housing, the area became known as the Links Estate, links referring to golf links.

1911 OS map showing western end of Seely Road

1911 OS map of eastern end of the road

From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District council
Volume XII 1906 to 1907
Highways and New Streets and Buildings
20th October 1906
Page 447

Application no. 4095 by Eastman Bros. for 42 houses, Seely Road, Links Estate

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Leonard Davey and Hart

Estate agents that were at 17/19 Upper Green East from around 1938 to 1990s?
The firm was listed in the 1971 telephone directory as 01-648 6101.

A planning application from 2001, number 01/2690, submitted by Ladbrokes Ltd show it had become a betting shop:

erection of ground floor rear extension, new shop front, disabled access, 2 air conditioning units, satellite dish and railings at rear of building.

In 1984, estate agency Dixon Hind & Company submitted a planning application, number MER1149/84, for an illuminated sign at 19 Upper Green East. On Merton Memories there is a photo dated c.1987 which shows that estate agent Dixon Hind was the occupant, whose sign said ‘in association with Leonard Davey & Hart’.

Clip from Merton Memories photo reference Mit_​11_​1-50, copyright London Borough of Merton.

ad from 1938

Text of ad:

Mitcham and District

Davey & Hart

Herbert E. Hart, P.A.S.I
Leslie O. Hart, B.Sc., P.A.S.I, A.A.I.

Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers
House, Land and Estate Agents

Rents collected. Mortgagaes
Valuations for all purposes.

And at 781 London Rd., Thornton Heath
telephone : MITcham 0808 THOrnton Heath 1361

According to the 1938 Official Guide to Mitcham, the firms was established around 1903:

Messrs. Leonard Davey & Hart, Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers, Estate Agents, of Upper Green, Mitcham, have been established for about thirty-five years. The firm was founded by Mr Leonard T. Davey and originally had its offices in the Parade, London Road, moving to its present address nearly twenty years ago.

During the years immediately following the war, when there was much building development in the district, Messrs Leonard Davey & Hart were appointed agents for several of the new estates then laid out. It is perhaps a matter of interest that they acted on behalf of the owners from whom the London County Council purchased the first section of land to the south of Mitcham, since developed as the St Helier Estate.

The business to-day is conducted by Mr H.E. Hart, P.A.S.I., and his son, Mr L.O. Hart, B.Sc., P.A.S.I, A.A.I., who joined him shortly after the retirement of Mr Davey in 1928. The firm’s premises at Upper Green, Mitcham, have recently been rebuilt at considerable expense, and form one of the most modern and well-equipped offices in the district.

Many Mitcham properties including the well-known Ravensbury Manor House, have passed through the hands of this firm and it is not surprising that they, as the oldest firm of Auctioneers in the district, should have an extensive register of properties for sale and to be let.

Apart from this, they have an increasing business in rent collection and Estate management, the properties under their control being situated not only throughout the Borough, but in many surrounding districts. Among those for whom they conduct surveys and valuations are certain Banks and Building Societies, besides private Clients; but the principals seek to give the same personal attention to all who consult them on the varied matters which come within their professional expertise.

News Articles


James Henry Scurr, an ironmonger, of 170, Lambeth-walk, London, brought a claim against George Samuel McDo??ugh, of 17, Langdale-avenue, Mitcham, for £13 rent.

There was a counterclaim for £10 10s. for damages due to trespass.

Mr. W. Hood appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. C .E. Graveley for defendant.

Plaintiff said that defendant was the tenant of Cosy Cottage, Whitford-gardens, Mitcham. He had it on a three years lease. Early this year the defendant said that he wished to be relieved of the tenancy. Witness did not object to this providing that defendant found a suitable tenant. He had never found a tenant, and still had the key. He borrowed the key and inspected the premises, after which he had the door varnished and a plate. “Cosy Cottage,” put on the house, in order to facilitate the letting.

Cross-examined defendant objected to the house being changed to “Cosy Cottage.” He preferred – Cosy Lodge. Witness got the key on May 28th. Mr. Davey did not point out to witness that he was not entitled to the premises. He did not know who removed the announcement pointing out that defendant had moved. Witness thought that he had a right to enter, as there was a clause in the agreement to that effect. Defendant had never had a copy of the tenancy agreement. By Mr. Hood—Mr. Davey was never witness’s agent. Witness bought the property when defendant was the existing tenant. He never touched any rubbish on the premises. Defendant said that he took the house in June, 1906, when it was quite new. He removed to Langdale-avenue in March, and when plaintiff suggested the change witness objected, and also sent a letter to that effect. Witness put up a notice that he was moving, as he had a lot of people calling on him. When he moved he gave the key to Mr. Davey, and asked bum to find a tenant. Later witness found that the notice was gone, and that the door had been varnished. He left some frames, vases, tools, and other articles in the house, and he found they were gone. Plaintiff said that he saw defendant about the door, and plaintiff said that he would release defendant of the un-expired time if he informed Mr. Davey to give up the key. Witness asked him to write him to this effect, but plaintiff did not do so.

Cross-examined he did not think he should pay the July quarter, as plaintiff had practically taken possession. He could have let the house.

Leonard Thomas Davey, an estate agent, said that plaintiff’s daughter called for the key on May 27th. No reason was given why the key was wanted. He had numerous enquiries respecting the house until defendant said that he was not responsible for the rent.

Harry Frank Joynes, who had done jobbing work for the plaintiff, deposed to varnishing the door for the plaintiff. He saw the notice in the window to the effect that defendant had moved.

Mr. Graveley submitted that damage had been done by the premises being thrown open, and the articles were thus lust, and the notice removed. His Honor gave judgment for plaintiff on the claim and counterclaim.

Source: Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette – Saturday 15 August 1908 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

1926 auction of Mrs Lipshytz property at Mitcham Park.

A member of the Facebook Mitcham History Group remembers Mrs & Mrs Hart when he was a child in the 1960s. They lived next door, in Preshaw Crescent, and was also their landlord. He said:

They were a lovely couple of real gentlefolk of the old school. She was one of the Sunday School teachers in the parish rooms, across the green, and he owned and ran Hart’s estate agency, with the office at the Fair Green (next door to the Nat West Bank, or thereabouts). He always wore a trilby hat, and would doff it whenever he passed a lady.

ad from 1925

1906 Death of Mr Hatfeild at Morden Hall


On Saturday last there died at his residence Morden Hall, Merton, at the age of 79, one of the best known men in the tobacco world, Mr Gilliat Hatfeild.

Mr Hatfeild, who was reputed a millionaire, was senior partner in the famous old firm all Taddy and Co., Minories, whose establishment dates as far back as 1730.

The firm of Taddy has been closely associated with the snuff trade. Snuff was its staple product. Although of late years this has ceased to make the old appeal to the public taste, “Taddy’s” “Tom Buck” “Black Rappee” and “Brown Rappee” are well known to and largely affected by snuff takers.

Attached to the fine park which Morden Hall stands are snuff mills. Hither the raw material is brought from London, manufactured, and carted back in its manufactured state to town. It is doubtful whether large fortunes are to be made in the snuff trade now, but more recently thhere is said to have been a certain revival of the snuff habit.

Mr Hatfeild’s funeral Took place on Wednesday at Kensal Green Cemetery at ten minutes to two.

One of the deceased’s daughters is a well-known dog fancier, and another daughter it will be remembered is the wife of Mr T.A. Meates, formerly chairman of the Wimbledon Bench of magistrates.

Source: Wimbledon Boro’ News, 17th February, 1906

His son, Gilliat Edward Hatfeild, refused to sell his estate to property developers. He died in 1941 and left Morden Hall Park to the National Trust.

1906 : Death in Prospect Road


An inquest has been held Mitcham on the body the man found dead in the scullery of a house in Prospect Road. Mitcham, which he had taken under the name of Percy Lewis. A detective gave evidence to the effect that the deceased’s real name is Thomas Beecher Grime, and that he came from Liverpool. Intelligence has been received from Liverpool that he left there with £400 in notes on the 15th inst. Another witness said the deceased was visited separately by two young ladies, who stayed some time. Medical evidence showed death was caused by syncope. The inquest was adjourned till to day (Monday) to establish deceased’s identity.

The Press Association’s Liverpool correspondent telegraphs that Grime was a well-known Liverpool coal merchant, who left his office in Wavertree, Liverpool, on August 15, remarking that he would be back in a few minutes. Since then no trace of his movements had been found. He was a native of Darwen.

Source: Derry Journal – Monday 03 September 1906
from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Rhodes Cottage

A house on Cricket Green, when it was previously called Lower Green East. Demolished.

It was possibly next to White House, Cricket Green. It may have been owned by Walter Charles Rhoades. In the 1915 electoral register he is listed as living at 183 Bedford Hill, Balham, and owning “Two cottages east side of Lower green”.

The 1953 OS map shows ‘White House’ and the entrance to The Birches is just north of it.

The 1910 OS Map shows a building next to White House which may have been Rhodes Cottage.

1953 OS Map

1953 OS Map

1910 OS map

1910 OS map

This clip from a 1910 photo on Merton Memories shows a building to the left of White House, which may have been Rhodes Cottage.

1910 clip from Merotn Memories photo 51702. Copyright London Borough of Merton

1910 clip from Merton Memories photo 51702. Copyright London Borough of Merton



Electoral registers show this as Rhoades or Rheades Cottage.

From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council
Mitcham Parochial Committee
24th April, 1906
Page 80

Nuisances: “Rhodes Cottage” and “White House” Lower Green.
Inspector Rabbetts reported the existence of nuisances at these premises, arising from the defective condition of the drains. Resolved, That the Inspector of Nuisances be authorised to serve notice on the owner, Mr. A. R. Harwood, of London Road, Mitcham, requiring the abatement of said nuisances.

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1906 Surrey Tobacconist’s Huge Estate

Surrey Mirror – Friday 09 March 1906

Surrey Tobacconist’s Estate.

Mr. Gilliat Hatfeild, of Morden Hall, Morden, and of the firm of Messrs. James Taddy and Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, who died on the 10th of February last, aged seventy-nine, left estate of the gross value of £1,321,821, of which the net personalty has been sworn at £1,020,560. Probate of his will, dated the 18th of November, 1897, has been granted to his son Mr. Gilliat Edward Hatfeild, of 45, Minories, and 5, Albemarle-street. The testator bequeathed £1,000 each his said son, Gilliat Edward Hatfeild, his cousin, Mr. Charles Taddy Hatfeild, his son-in-law, Mr. Robert Sydney Bacchus, and Mr. Charles Robert Rivington. All his estate at Burghfield and elsewhere in Berkshire he left to his daughter, Mrs. Jesse Norah Bacchus, free of all duties. He left the following sums to be settled upon his daughters in addition to sums already secured to them by marriage settlement, viz.: £75,000 for his daughter Ethel Florence, £67,000 for his said daughter Mrs. Jesse Norah Bacchus, £65,000 for his daughter Mrs. Jesse Norah Bacchus, £65,000 for his daughter. Beatrice Alice, and £30,000 for his daughter Ellen Gertrude. in each case upon trust for their benefit for life, with remainder to their issue. He left £30,000 upon trust for his grandson, only child his late daughter, Ida Blanche, on attaining majority. All other his estate, amounting ever £1,000,000, left his son, Mr. Gilliat Edward Hatfeild absolutely. The late Mr. Hatfeild’s estate will pay the Exchequer death duties (in addition to possible succession duty settled estate) over £119,000.

Whitford Gardens

Road off east side of London Road that extends south easterly to Cold Blows footpath. The name is a revival of the former name for Lower Mitcham. Whitford Lane had been the name for London Road between the lower and upper greens, according to Eric Montague in his Mitcham Histories book Church Street and Whitford Lane.

Houses are numbered odd from 1 to 63 on the east side of the road, and even from 2 to 58 on the west. Some addresses have been split into flats. According to the Royal Mail website, there are two postcodes used in this road. CR4 4AA for even numbers, and CR4 4AB for odd.

Visible on number 61 are the initials H.H. in its roof gable. This is likely to be for H. Harding, who got planning permission in 1906 to build 22 houses in this road.

The entrance to the site of the former Cumberland Hospital is at the southern end of the road across the route of the Cold Blows footpath. Currently, in 2018, this site has the Merton Dementia Hub and Cumberland Nursing Home which both have the address of 67 Whitford Gardens.

This map of 1953 shows the numbering of the houses.

1953 OS map

Sarah Ann Clothier outside her house, 11 Whitford Gardens, c1935. Photo kindly provided by Peter Hannah.

Newspaper Articles
Yorkshire Evening Post – Saturday 15 June 1912


Herbert William Cheesman, aged 42, an unmarried man, the agent of the Whitford Gardens Estate, Mitcham, was discovered dead by his mother early this morning in a shed at the back of his residence in Whitford Gardens, Mitcham. It believed that Cheesman, who was well known and respected, committed suicide by hanging himself.

Note that the 1911 census shows him as living at number 18.

In the Norwood News of Friday 17th July 1936, number 57 was offered to let at £1 8s. a week (£95 in 2018 values):

Attractive villa, 57, Whitford-gardens: central position; 3 bedrooms, reception. bathroom (h. & c.); electric light: back entrance decorations to suit tenant: 28s. per week inclusive.

Apply Thompson, 26, Wandle-road. Morden.

In this 1910 map, houses on the west side of the road had not yet been built as far as Cold Blows.

1910 OS map

1910 OS map

World War 1 Connections
Private Harri Horsfall

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

T G BROWN of 19 Whitford Gardens, aged 27 Years 2 Months, Telegraphist. Conscripted on 10 December 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

W T GORE of 6 Whitford Gardens, aged 37 Years, Traveller. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Durham Light Infantry (6th Batn).

R MOORE of Lynghurst Whitford Gardens, aged 19 Years 10 Months, Metal Worker. Conscripted on 16 February 1917 to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

as listed in the 1915 street directory:

from London Road


2, John Doney HAYWOOD
4, William Henry SANDERS
6, William GORE
8, David ELLIOT
10, Robert WOODWARD
12, James HAWKER
14, James VENABLES
16, Henry PATTISON
18, Alfred C. MELHUISH (estate agent)
22, Percy HELPS
24, Robert CLARK
26, David Emmerson REID
30, Frank LEE
32, Arthur AUSTIN
34, Arthur Ernest HENTALL
36, Leopold WELLS
38, Leslie P.D. COOPER
40, Harold A. PACKER
42, Gerald HENNIKER


… here is Elmwood Road …

1, Frederick G. ASHWELL (gardener)
3, William Gardiner JACKSON
5, Mrs RYATT
7, Sydney RANDALL
9, John TEAGUE
11, James Henry SCURR
13, Ernest TONKES
15, Mrs M. BEWLLEW
17, George D. THOMPSON
19, George Thomas BROWN
21, Miss BEDDOE
27, Harry SMITH
29, Dennis SULLIVAN
31, William HUMPHREY
33, Albert George RUSSELL
35, Mrs WILSON
37, Charles GREGORY
39, Arthur Henry STAINFORTH
41, Frederick JACKSON
43, Mrs MILLS
45, Mrs J.M. BUSBY
47, John William HORSFALL
49, Burnett BULLOCK P.A.S.I.
51, Wilfred PARKER
53, William SMOKER
55, Alfred J.S. ALLEN
57, George THOMPSON
59, Clifford MOULD
61, George A. MELLIARD
63, William SLEATH

from the 1925 street directory:

from Elmwood Road


1, Frederick G. ASHWELL
3, Charles LATHAM
5, Thomas RYATT
7, Sydney RANDALL
9, John TEAGUE
11, Joseph Edwin CLOTHIER
13, Ernest Arthur TONKES
15, John Arthur INGLE
17, George THOMPSON
19, George Thomas BROWN
21, Claude THOMPSON
23, Thomas Frederick WATSON
25, William HASTINGS
27, Henry SMITH
31, William HUMPHRIES
33, Walter Fell PALMER
35, Chalres WILSON
37, Edward FIELD
39, Arthur Henry STAINFORTH
41, Harold JARMAN
43, George WATSON
45, James Harold ELLIS
47, Frank Conrad LOHMAN
49, Mrs FOORD
51, George H. MALTHOUSE
53, William SMOKER
57, Albert THOMPSON
59, Bert ANSLOW
61, Richard HALE
63, Thomas J. FENN


2, John Doney HAYWOOD
4, William Henry SANDERS
6, William Thomas GORE
8, David ELLIOT
10, Robert WOODWARD
14, James VENABLES
16, George CAIN
18, Archelaus TREGONING
20, William Bertram TYLEE
22, Percy HELPS
24, George William HENTILL
26, Ernest Henry BOWRA
28, Albert HUGH PATON
32, Lawrence E. THURLEY
34, Arthur Ernest HENDAL
36, Leopold W. WELLS
38, Arthur James WEEKS
40, Harold Arthur PACKER
42, Herbert RIVERS

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.