1924 Comedy of vacancy at Lower Mitcham School

Five men replied to an advertisement for assistant master at Lower Mitcham School, and were invited to interview the managers. None appeared.

Further invitations were sent – three of them. There was no response. The Clerk, Mr. W. J. Dickisson, then sent postcards to the three asking them attend an adjourned meeting, but all replied that they could not so.

In desperation Mr. Dickisson wrote to one man inquiring at which hour of the day he could attend. There was no reply till Tuesday morning, when the man wrote to say that he could not leave his present job.

This little comedy was recited at a meeting of the managers on Tuesday. The Clerk said that a candidate from Odiham wrote say that the train did not start in time for him to catch it (loud laughter)
A member: There is no station there.
The Clerk: That is probably the reason (loud laughter).

Source: Gloucestershire Echo – Wednesday 03 December 1924 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

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