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Worlds Stores, The Parade

Shop that was at no. 3 The Parade, which was renumbered as 229 London Road, Mitcham.

1915 ad

from Norwood News – Friday 10 February 1922

Norwood News – 9 September 1929

1935 ad for Barley that shows the Worlds Stores as one of its stockists/ From Norwood News – Friday 12 July 1935

Norwood News – Friday 21 October 1932
Stores listed in this ad:


Brewer, G. A., 110 London Road.
Kiddell. J., 12 Upper Green East.
Millachip, F., 397 London Road.
South Suburban Co-operative Society Ltd., Fair Green.
Stevenson and Rush Ltd., 325/7 London Road.
World’s Stores, Ltd., 229 London Road.
Harry Cusden Ltd., 209 Manor Road.
Harry Cusden Ltd., 77 Sherwood Pork Road.
Parker, W., 55 Manor Road.

EXPERIENCED cashier-book-keeper required.

—Apply Worlds Stores. 229, London-rd., Mitcham. References required.

Newspaper Articles
Norwood News – Friday 05 August 1932


The three men arrested after two policemen had used their truncheons were all before the Croydon County Bench again on Friday. They were Henry Summers (23), labourer, Fortescue-road, Mitcham; Frederick John Stewart (23), labourer. Bvgrove-road, Mitcham: and Frederick Charles Bannister (22), motor driver, Bygrove-road. There was no further evidence on the charge of breaking into the World’s Stores, London-road, Mitcham. Bannister was further charged with two housebreaking, at North Cheam. Finger-print specialists alleged that the marks on a piece of glass in one case and on a glass finger bowl in the other, corresponded with Bannister’s fingerprints as taken at Brixton Prison after arrest. Still another charge against Bannister was of breaking into a shop at Abbey-parade, High-street, Merton, on November 11 last and stealing cash and tobacco goods, valued altogether at £9 10s., the property of Mr. A. J. Bromley. Prosecutor said that on arriving at his shop at nine on November 12 he found everything in disorder. The gas-meter cash-box had been rifled. Entry had been made by smashing the glass panel of the scullery door and of an inner door. The men were all committed to the London Sessions, on bail.

Victor Reeves, barber

Barbershop that was at 3 Fair Green, next to Huttons fish shop, in what is now Upper Green West north side.

Undated, but possibly 1912/3.

In the 1912 and 1913 directories, listed as Victor REEVES, hairdresser, 3 Fair Green. The address in 1910-11 shown as Thomas J. BOSTRIDGE, hair dresser.

A fire was reported in the 25th September 1914 issue of the Mitcham & Tooting Mercury:


Shortly after half-past two on Saturday afternoon, the No. 1 Fire Brigade received a call to a fire which had broken out at 3, Fair Green, premises occupied by Mr Victor Reeves, hair dresser. Supt. Jenner and eight men proceeded with the motor engine, and found the fire had originated on the third floor, consuming the flooring and wooden partition. The fire was extinguished by a few buckets of water, and the damage, which is covered by insurance, is estimated at about £15. The cause of the outbreak is unknown.

Note that the number 1 Fire Brigade was at Lower Green West.