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Denham Crescent

Road off east side of Bramcote Avenue, both of which were built in 1935 on land that had been the market gardens of Mr W. Carlton.

possibly taken in 1935 after the road had been built – the view is looing south along the longest part of the road

Google StreetView of the road:

The road is a square rather than a crescent, as can be seen in this 1954 OS map.

1954 OS map

The houses are numbered odd, from 1 to 67, on the outer part of the square, and even from 2 to 28 on the inner part. The first house, no. 1, and the last house, no. 67, are physically attached to terraces in Bramcote Avenue, with the entrance door facing Denham Crescent. Odd numbered houses all have the postcode CR4 4LZ, and the even numbered houses have CR4 4LY.

The pair of semi-detached houses in the south corner, no.s 47 and 49, were demolished and a smaller pair built allowing access to a new road, called Canons Close, two pairs of semi-detached houses. Planning application 09/P2248, which had around a dozen objections, was given permission on 25th June 2010:

Demolition of existing properties at 47-49 Denham Crescent and the construction of 6, four bedroom semi detached houses with accommodation over 2 storeys and the roofspace including a pair of properties adjacent to 45 Denham Crescent with a new road providing access to four semi detached properties at the rear of the site.

The houses in Canons Close all have the postcode CR4 4FJ.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Sunshine Way – Ownership

Sunshine Way, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3HQ (all houses in this road, including the flats, have the same postcode).

This is a crescent-shaped road off the south side of Bond Road in Mitcham.

1952 OS Map

Number 1 is on the corner with Bond Road, and is separated by a footpath from the eastern square of houses, numbered odd from 2 to 29. The square was originally a grass playing area that was turned into car parking spaces in 1991. See planning permission 91/P0276.

Number 31 Sunshine way is a block of 20 flats, named Donald Lynch House, numbered 1 to 20 sequentially, that was built on playing fields between the two squares. Planning application MER940/73 suggests that this was built in late 1973, early 1974.

The Welcome Hall and caretaker’s house is separate and south of the flats. This was converted, in 1994/5, into housing, numbered 37A and 37B. See planning permission 94/P0245.

The southern square has houses numbered odd from 39 to 61. Like the eastern square, its grass playing area was converted to car parking, in 1994. See planning permission 94/P0246.

Number 63 is on the south-western corner with Bond Road and is also separated by an alleyway from the southern square.

The inner circle of houses are numbered even from 2 to 18. Numbers 8 to 14 were originally ‘sunshine’ houses, with an open roof area for TB patients to sleep in the open air. These areas have since been converted to bedrooms.

Numbers 1 and 8 to 14 even are registered under title SGL506115. Numbers 2, 20, and 63 are registered under title SGL396963.

The road itself, the squares numbered 3 to 29, and 39 to 61, are shown on the Land Registry Title Plan as under title TGL21177, which was originally registered on 24th January, 1936.

The registered owner of these titles is

THE RIVERSIDE GROUP LIMITED (Industrial and Provident Society No. IP30938R) of 2 Estuary Boulevard, Estuary Commerce Park, Speke, Liverpool L24 8RF.

which became owner on 20th April, 2010.

In the inner circle of houses, number 10 was sold for £170,000 on 18th July 2008. Its registered title is SGL700262, and hence was removed from title SGL506115.