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Council depot, Church Road

Council depot that had its main entrance on Church Road, east of Church Place. Shown on this OS map of 1953 as Corporation Depot, this site is now the housing estate of Morland Close.

1953 OS map

Parts of the north wall along Love Lane remain, and an entrance, now bricked up, can be seen at the junction with Edmund Road.

Photo taken April 2016

New Articles
Norwood News – Friday 06 March 1931


Mitcham Fire Brigade were called on Tuesday morning to an outbreak at the Council’s depot in Church-road. When they arrived with their appliances, they found the surveyor’s motorcar was ablaze. It transpired that an explosion, caused by a petrol leak in the carburettor, had started the fire. The brigade quickly extinguished it, and saved Mr. Riley Schofield his car, only the fabric being damaged.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Firemen’s Call Bells

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 12
April 1914 to March 1915
Fire Call Bells
1st December, 1914

Page 121

An agreement from the General Post Office was submitted for removal of Circuit Wire from Cavendish Road to 29, Courtney Road, and it was proposed by Mr. Bland, seconded by Mr. Blaker, and resolved –
That the Chairman be authorised to sign same on behalf of the council.

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 11 April 1913 to March 1914
Report of the No. 1 Fire Brigade Committee
24th February, 1914

Page 177

Driver Stevens having removed from The Parade, London Road, to Edmund Road, the call bell recently fixed by the General Post Office has been rendered useless, and the Committee therefore directed the Clerk to ascertain the cost of removal to the new address. The Clerk reported that a wire was already connected in Edmund Road, and that a bell could be attached to this at a small cost and that the General Post Office were willing to remove the existing bell at The Parade to the house occupied by Fireman Jordan at the Blue Houses for an additional rental of £1 5s. The Committee are of opinion that as the Council are already under an agreement for five years for the bell at The Parade it would be advisable to accept this proposal and recommends

That the Council cancel the existing agreement with the General Post Office and enter into a new agreement upon the terms quoted, and that the Chairman be authorised to execute the same.

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 11 April 1913 to March 1914
Report of the No. 1 Fire Brigade Committee
3rd February, 1914

Page 164

A letter has been received from Mr Brooks, one of the fireman, giving notice of his removal from 75, High Street, to No. 4, West Gardens.

The committee recommends

That an order be given to the General Post Office for the removal of the call bell to the new address.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Parish Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Edmund Road

Road of houses that runs in a north-westerly direction from Love Lane, to Miles Road. Postcode is CR4 3AR.

First houses at Love Lane end were probably built around 1901/3. In Sept 1901, 63 plots were put up for auction:

3rd Sept 1901 auction

3rd Sept 1901 auction

On 10th Sept 1903, E. Iles was given permission to build 2 cottages in Edmund Road.

This OS map of 1910 shows houses at the Love Lane end, which are numbered 1 to 11 odd on the west side and 2 to 12 even on the right.

In 1924 council houses were built by the Mitcham Urban District Council, with Robert Masters Chart as architect. These were numbered 14 to 44 even on the east side, and 15 to 49 on the west side. Source: Minutes of the Mitcham Urban District Council, volume 10, 1924, numerous pages describing progress of works.

For these 34 houses, the council received 560 applications. This number was reduced to 218 by considering only those that lived in overcrowded conditions. This was further reduced to 47 for those that lived with 4 or more persons in a room. This list of 47 was then examined by the council collector who produced a special report on the conditions they were currently living in, with attention paid to cleanliness as well as overcrowding. The list was reduced to 34, and this is shown below. The number of the schedule does not refer to the house number.

No. Name Address No. in Family No. of Rooms Occupation of Husband
1 A.T. HUGHES 48 Boyd Road 5 1 Engineers Fitter
2 W.J. ALMOND London Road 5 1 Motor Mechanic
3 H.E. FOSTER 11 Oakwood Avenue 5 1 Labourer
4 R. ROGERS Nags Head Yard 6 Dustman
5 W.F. BROWN 46 Marian Road 5 1 Roadman
6 E.F. HARTLEBURY Manor Road 4 1 Timekeeper
7 H. PARSONS 1 Berkeley Place 7 Colour Grinder
8 W.W. BRUTY 30 Gorringe Park Avenue 6 1 Hide Grainer
9 C.E. GOWAR 46 Pitcairn Road 4 1 Labourer
10 Mr. PARTRIDGE 11 Tramway Terrace 4 1 Labourer
11 S.D. HIGGINS 1 Morden Road 4 1 Motor Driver
12 A.G. CHARFONT 31 Cavendish Road 5 1 Conductor
13 H.H. SMITH 4 Seaton Road 4 1 Labourer
14 R.E. GOARD 26 Greyhound Terrace 4 1 Foreman
15 J.H. MULLINS 109 Church Road 4 1 Labourer
16 E.J.W. WALE Earslfield 4 1 Mitcham
17 H.E. DOWNS 31a Grenfell Road 4 1 Piano Maker
18 Mrs. GORMAN 9 Farewell Place 4 1
19 C.D. RANDALLS Islington 8 2 Mitcham
20 R.J. CHEEK 19 Renmuir Street 6 1 Painter
21 Mr. BUTCHER 90 Sibthorp Road 4 1 Carman
22 W. BLAKE 11 Farewell Place 5 1 Labourer
23 J.L. RIMINGTON Streatham 4 1 Mitcham
24 D. TAYLOR 10 Belgrave Road 4 1 Gravel Digger
25 E.F. ADAMS 4 Bruce Road 4 1 Pavior
26 H.O. HYDE Mitcham 5 1 Hadfields Factory
27 H.A. WATSON 80 Mount Road 5 2 Butcher
28 G. DEARN Bramley St Marks Road 3 Nurseryman
29 W. HILL 4 Miles Lane 7 2 Labourer
30 ROBERTS 5 Bridge Road 4 1 Clerk
31 C.D. HAYES 50 Warren Road 7 2 Clerk
32 A.H. ANGLISS 37 Phipps Bridge Road 4 1 M.U.D.C.
33 J.T. SIMPSON 375 Church Road 4 2 Engineer
34 W. BRAZIER 31B Grenfell Road 7 2 Bus Driver

World War 1 Connections
Private Charles William Lambert

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.