1867 Trade Directory

Abrehart Edward, market gardener, Church street
Allen John, Crown, Lower Mitcham
Allen Thomas, market gardener, Mitcham, common
Arthur George, hair dresser, High street
Arthur James, beer retailer & herb grower, Mitcham com
Arthur Richard, Bee Hive, &herb grower, Mitcham com
Ashby Joshua, miller, Lower Mitcham
Asprey William, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Austin Giles, Nag’s Head, Upper Green
Bailey Edwin, relieving officer & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Lower Mitcham
Ball Henry, jun. beer retailer, Morden lane
Barnes John, farrier, Lower Mitcham
Barr Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, London road
Barter Joseph Charles, grocer, High street, Upper Mitcham
Bartlett James, baker, Whitford lane
Bass James, builder & shopkeeper, Merton road
Beard James, dyer, Upper Mitcham
Bennett Eliza (Miss), straw bonnet maker, Upper Mitcham
Bennett George, Buck’s Head, Upper Mitcham
Bennett Thomas, Ravensbury Arms, Common
Biggs John, coal dealer, Merton road
Bowdery William, gardener, Upper Mitcham
Bowler Ann (Mrs.), coal & wood dealer. Lower Mitcham
Bowyer John, block cutter, Whitford lane
Boxall William, tailor, Upper Mitcham
Boys James, plumber, Lower Mitcham
Breach &Co. patent silk & cotton manufacturers, Phipps brdg
Bridger James, medical herb grower, Figg’s marsh
Briggs James, farmer, Pound farm
Brooks Charles, scripture reader
Brown John, ironmonger & general smith, Lower Mitcham
Bryant William, shoe maker, Phipps bridge
Butler Henry Wm. floor Cloth manufacturer, Phipps bridge
Carr Caroline (Mrs,), straw bonnet maker, Lower Mitcham
Cartwright George, beer retailer, Church road
Chandler Maria (Mrs.), Red Lion, Merton road
Chandler Thomas, fishmonger, Upper Mitcham
Chart Edwin, house & land surveyor, estate agent, merchant & undertaker, & vestry clerk, Upper Mitcham
Chart John, undertaker, Upper Mitcham
Chippendale James, photographer, Lower Mitcham
Church Samuel, bookseller & stationer, Lower Mitcham
Collbran Henry, butcher, Upper Mitcham
Comber John, butcher, Merton bridge
Comber William, linen draper, Lower Mitcham
Comber William, stationer, & post office, High street
Coppin Edward, Cricketers, Green
Cox William, shopkeeper, London road
Dally Robert, boot maker, Lower Mitcham
Dalton John William, seedsman & florist
Davis Henry, saddler, Upper Mitcham
Dempsey John, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Dodd Alfred, carpenter, Lower Mitcham
Dodd Arthur, builder, Upper Mitcham
Dolan Daniel, baker, Lower Mitcham
Dolby Thomas, farmer, Figg’s marsh.
Doust Catherine (Mrs.), baker, London road
Downes Joseph, chemist, Lower Mitcham
Drewett William, builder
Evans Timothy, dairy, Mitcham common
Farmer John, corn chandler, Upper Mitcham green
Faulkner George, inland revenue officer, Love lane
Fenn William, grocer
Fibre, Hair & Bristle Company (limited) (Maurice Benish, manager), Ravensbury
Field Thomas Frederick, Prince of Wales, Merton lane
Flint Thomas, surveyor of roads, Church street
Foster Francis, Swan, London road
Foster William, shopkeeper, Church street
Gardener Thomas, grocer, Mitcham common
Goldham Henry, florist, London road
Green Benjamin, secretary to Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Company, Upper Mitcham
Green John, shoe maker, Church street
Grover Albert, boarding school, The Poplars, Figg’s marsh
Gulland William, plumber, Lower Mitcham
Hall John, King’s Arms, Upper Mitcham
Hamilton Thomas William, M.d. surgeon, Lower Mitcham
Harland William & Son, japan & varnish manufacturers, Phipps bridge
Harris Henry, marine store dealer, Upper Mitcham
Harvey & Knight, floor cloth manufacturers, Low. Mitcham
Harvey George, dairyman, Tamworth lane
Harwood Charlotte (Mrs.), baker, Upper Mitcham
Hawkes George, White Hart, Lower Mitcham
Haydon Mary (Mrs.), plumber. Upper Mitcham
Henden William, dairyman, Merton road
Hersee & Smyth, floor cloth manufacturers, Church road
Hex William, shoe maker, Merton road
Hickman Edward, Nell Gwynne, Church road
Hill Robert, tailor, Upper Mitcham green
Hills Charles, bricklayer, Upper Mitcham
Hills William, bricklayer, Church street
Hoath Henry, shopkeeper, Merton road.
Home for Convalescent Children, Rumbolds farm
Hone James, wheelwright & smith, Upper Mitcham
Hookins James, shopkeeper, Mitcham common
Hooper William, india rubber manufacturer, Mitcham com
Hudson Alfred/tailor, Merton road
Hunt John, Goat, & farmer Mitcham common
Jenner William H. gas fitter, Upper Mitcham
Jennings Thomas, veterinary surgeon, Upper Mitcham
Johnson Alfred, grocer, Merton road
Jones John, Britannia, Lower Mitcham green
Juster James, builder, Merton road
Kenward William, wheelwright, Upper Mitcham
Killick Samuel, builder, Lower Mitcham
Lack Mary (Mrs.), linen draper, Upper Mitcham
Latham William (exors. of), varnish & japan maker
Lawrence Thomas, carpenter, Merton lane
Leach Albert, hair dresser
Le Bass James, beer retailer, Mitcham common
Leggett John, grocer, Church road
Lewis Frederick, beer retailer, London road
Lewis William, market gardener, Merton lane
Lowe Frederick, coal merchant, Lower Mitcham
Lunt William, market gardener, Upper Mitcham
Makepeace Samuel, herbalist, Merton lane
Merchant Benjamin, Horse & Groom, Mitcham common
Marshall Edward, surgeon, Church street
Mears William, brick maker, Merton lane
Meggeson & Co. manufacturing confectioners, Church street
Mersh William, boot maker, Church street
Mickle Joseph, chemist, Upper Mitcham
Mighell Jacob, butcher, Lower Mitcham
Mitcham Literary & Scientific Institute (W. Russell, honorary secretary)
Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Light & Coke Company (Benjamin Green, secretary), Upper Mitcham
Mouland James, watch maker, Upper road
Mould Mary (Mrs.), shoe maker. Upper Mitcham green
Newman Ann (Mrs,), stay maker, High street
Newman Francis, farmer, Figg’s marsh
Newton Sophia (Mrs.), baker, Church street
Nichols Arthur, beer retailer, Phipps bridge
Nicholls John, market gardener, Swain’s lane
Nicholls Joseph, varnish manufacturer, Lower Mitcham
Nightingale William, brick maker & beer retailer, Merton lane, Upper Mitcham
Noble John, varnish manufacturer, Lower Mitcham
Over James, market gardener, Common
Pitt George, linen draper, Whitford lane
Plank John, coal denier, Lower Mitcham
Poyner William, King’s Head, Lower Mitcham
Quinby John, tailor, Upper Mitcham
Rhoades & Hartfield, drug grinders, Mitcham common
Rhoades Joseph; grocer, Upper Mitcham green
Rice Robert, linen draper. Upper Mitcham green
Rosehone John, grocer, Church road
Rumens Henry William, builder
Russell James, beer retailer, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Rutter John & Isaac, snuff & tobacco manufacturers, Ravensbury
Sams William, boot maker, Upper Mitcham
Samson Philip, omnibus proprietor, Lower Mitcham
Saunders John, shoe maker, Mitcham common
Saunders Mary (Mrs.), baker, Field gate
Saunders William, shopkeeper, Merton lane
Sawyer Alfred, blacksmith, Upper Mitcham
Schweizer, Spong & Co. varnish manufacturers, Church st
Searle William, miller, Mitcham mill
Shepherd Frederick, shopkeeper, Common
Siviour Henry, toy dealer, Upper Mitcham
Sinnock John, shopkeeper, Merton road
Slater Daniel, medical herb grower, Mitcham common
Smith Thomas, grocer, Lower Mitcham
Smith William, boarding school, High street
Southerton James, hair dresser, Upper Mitcham
Spong Eliza (Miss), ladies’ school, Upper Mitcham
Sprules William, butcher
Squibbs William, laundry, Upper Mitcham
Stone George, dairyman, Mitcham common
Summerfield John, tailor, Lower Mitcham
Surrey Brewery Company (limited) (James Ward, managing director). Lower Mitcham
Thomas George, saddler, Lower Mitcham
Thompson Ebenezer, dairyman. Causeway, Lower Mitcham
Townsend John William, floor cloth manufacturer, Church rd
Tracey Charles, beer retailer, Lower Mitcham
Tribe Edwin, Bull, Church street
Turner Charles & Son, varnish manufacturers, Merton lane
Turner John Moseley, print cutter, Church street
Turner William, baker, Upper Mitcham
Vidler Major, plumber, Lower Mitcham
Wade John, printer, & house & estate agent, Lower Mitcham
Wakelin William, master of St. George’s Industrial Schools, Upper Mitcham
Ward James, managing director of Surrey Brewery Company (Limited), Lower Mitcham
Welch James & George, bakers, Upper Mitcham green
Westall Joseph (exors. of), grocers, Lower Mitcham
Westall Thomas, grocer, Lower Mitcham
Westcott Lemuel, academy, The Elms, Upper Mitcham
Whitehead & Co. felt manufacturers, Lower Mitcham
Wicks William, shopkeeper, Upper Mitcham green
Wild James, Three Kings, Mitcham common
Winders John, butcher, Lower Mitcham
Winterton Charles, clothier, Lower Mitcham
Wise Mary (Mrs), stationer, Upper Mitcham
Wright Benjamin, grocer, Church street
Young Richard, baker, Merton road

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