Benjamin Green

Born c. 1872, died 1955.

He was an engineer, then secretary to the Mitcham & Wimbledon District Gas Light & Coke Company, and director from 1912. He retired in 1949.

In 1914 he lived at Radstock, in Cedars Avenue.

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 9th February 1889


To the Ratepayers of Mitcham.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Having been asked several influential inhabitants and ratepavers of the parish become candidate for the School Board at the forthcoming election, and after careful consideration of the question. I have consented to place my services at the disposal of the parishioners, should they think fit to elect me.

I am well known to many of the inhabitants, having resided in the parish upwards of twenty years, and I now place myself in the hands of the Electors, and leave them judge of my qualification and competency for the position.

I am of opinion that every child in the land should receive a sound elementary education, and a good moral training, at the lowest possible cost the Ratepayers.

I am in favour of the present method of bible teaching in our schools, as I sure that it will, and does, advance the usefulness, happiness, and welfare of the children, and is a powerful check upon vice, crime, and pauperism.

Should you pleased by your votes to honour me with a seat at the Board I promise you that I will do my utmost to discharge the duties faithfully, conscientiously, and to the best of my ability, and to work harmoniously with the other members of the Board to further the interests of the ratepayers.

Soliciting your valued support and trusting to be favoured with your votes and interest, I am, your obedient servant, BENJAMIN GREEN.

Mitcham, February 1st, 1889.

He was elected to the Board with 685 votes.

From the Mitcham & Tooting Advertiser of 13th January, 1955, page 7:

The death occurred on Friday at Caterham and District Hospital of Mr Benjamin Green, aged 83, one of the first full time residents of the Selsdon Park Hotel.

Until it was pulled down in 1921, Mr Green lived at Mitcham House, Mitcham. During this time he was an engineer with the Wandsworth Gas Company. When the company was nationalised Mr Green retired – as a former director.

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