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St. Georges Road

Road that runs south easterly from Cedars Avenue to Tamworth Park. Houses are numbered even from 2 to 68 on the south western side, and odd from 1 to 73 on its north eastern side. Even numbers have the postcode CR4 1EB and odd have CR4 1ED,

This OS map from 1953 also shows the Surrey County Council Pentlands Remand Home.

1953 OS map

According to Eric Montague on page 95 of his book
Mitcham Histories: 3 Pollards Hill, Commonside East and Lonesome, the houses, with their distinctive Courtrai du Nord interlocking tiles, were built by the Tamworth Park Construction Co., whose managing director, Joseph Owen, lived at the house called Pentlands at the eastern end of St Georges Road. Pentlands is shown in this map of 1910, and is named in earlier street directories. It was used by the Surrey County Council from 1937 to 1983 as a remand home, and, after it closed, the building was demolished, and houses were built on the site. Planning application MER175/84 was approved 19th April 1984 for the construction of 14 two storey, 3 bedroom houses with car parking.

1910 OS map

Occupants from Street Directories

Not mentioned in the 1891 directory, but is in the 1896.

1896 and 1898

St. Georges road, from Cedars avenue, Common side east


George Rupert UPTON (Northolme)
William WALFORD (St. George’s)


St. Georges road, from Cedars avenue, Common side east


George Rupert UPTON (Northolme)
Thomas H. STOUT (Glenard)
James ANNAN (Pentlands)


St. Georges road, from Cedars avenue, Common side east


George Rupert Thomas UPTON (Northolme)
James ANNAN (Pentlands)

This postcard of 1908 is addressed to a Miss Wheatley of Glenard, the second house from the Cedars Avenue end as shown on the 1910 OS map.

1908 postcard, from the Facebook Mitcham History group

World War 1 Connection

2nd Lieutenant Ralph Hamon Weeley UPTON

From the Mitcham and Tooting Mercury, 11th May, 1917, page 4:


Lieut. R. Upton

We regret to learn, just before going to press, that Lieut. R. Upton, younger son of Mr and Mrs Rupert Upton, of “Northolme,” has been killed in action in France. General sympathy will be expressed with Mr Upton, who is Inspector of the Mitcham Special Constabulary, and Mrs Upton in their great loss.

His name is on the west side of the Mitcham War Memorial as UPTON. R.H.W.

Earlist newspaper article found is from the Morning Post – Monday 7th January 1895:

UPTON. — On the 4th inst., at Northolme, Commonside, Mitcham, the wife of G.R.T. Upton, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Frank Henry Wood

From the Norwood News – Friday 30 September 1938

Death of a Popular Mitcham Resident


BY the death of Mr. Frank Henry Wood, Mitcham has lost one of its most popular residents. Mr. Wood, who passed away on Friday at his home, “Hayling,” Cedars-avenue, took a keen interest in many local activities and the offices he held included the vice-presidencies of the Mitcham Conservative and Constitutional Club. the Mitcham Village Golf Club, and the Mitcham Athletic Club. He was also a member of the Mitcham Golf Club. At the age of 15 he entered the offices of the former Charing Cross Electricity Company, of which he later became secretary. On the centralisation of electricity distribution, his company was merged with others into the Central Electricity Company, Ltd., and he was appointed secretary.

He was due to retire shortly from this position. His death after a very short illness came as a shock to his many friends and business associates. He had been on holiday at Lyme Regis, and was taken ill on the first day of his return to business, and he died 10 days later. He was 60 years of age, and leaves a widow and two sons. The cremation took place at Streatham Park Crematorium on Monday, a service being conducted by his nephew, the Rev. S. Miller.

Among the mourners were the directors of his Company; Mr. J. Perkins (chairman, representing the Mitcham Conservative and Constitutional Club and Mr. F. H. Priest (president of Mitcham Athletic Club). Wreaths were sent from: the widow; his only brother George; his sons, Michael and Frank; his sister-in-law. Mrs. Potter; his nephew and niece. the Rev, and Mrs. S. Miller; Judy; Bert: the chairman and directors, Central London Electricity Company; Mr. C. Parker; Miss Joan Gatti; Mr. J. A. Gatti; Lady Gatti; Mr. R. J. Gatti; Mr. and Mrs. Cracknell; Howard Foulds; W. Fisher; Charlie and Melite: Mr. and Mrs. H. W. White; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mellhuish; Mr. and Mrs. Bentley and family; Reg and Dot; directors and staff of Antony Gibbs; H. T. Young; Horsley Bros., St. Martin’s-lane; Mr. and Mrs. Gray; Mitcham Conservative and Constitutional Club, Isaac Wilson. president; members of the Mitcham Conservative and Constitutional Club; Mr. and Mrs. Spicer; Fred Andrews; N. and H. Bentley; Stephen Gatti; Kitty Chuter: Mr. and Mrs. Riviere; Miss Church; Mitcham Village Golf Club; Mr. and Mrs. Jeffs; Barrel Golfing Society: H. L. Westall; W. E. Cox and family: F. W. Hill: H. J. Dibben; G. Ratcliffe; Mitcham Athletic Club; and the following departments of the Central Electricity Company: showroom staff, executive staff, accountancy department. engineering staff, C.L.E. accessories, Colauhoun-house staff. Pelhamstreet staff, Charing Cross electrical engineering department, Maiden-lane staff, and the Administrative staff ano Workmen’s City Association Sports and Social Club.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. W. J. Mellhuish and Son. 118. Upper Tooting-road.