Chapel Road

Around 1965

Chapel Road possibly 1965

This photo is looking west, from the Church Road end, at numbers 10 on the left, 8, 6 and 4 on the right. As the new Phipps Bridge development of flats can be seen in the background, this photo is assumed to be after 1965. Note the four chimney pots for each house.

World War 1 Connections
Private Leonard Ralph Bradshaw

Private Frederick Albert Simmonds

Absentee from Military Service, as reported in the Police Gazette – Tuesday 26 September 1916

W.PAYNE, 19 Chapel Road. Age and trade not given. Deserted 7th August 1916 from Wimbledon.


1950 Chapel Road map evens only

News Articles

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 17 April 1886

Alleged Theft from a Child.—Yesterday (Friday), before Mr. T. R. Edridge, chairman the Croydon County Bench, a girl named Emily Varnum (14), Chapel-road, Mitcham, described as a nurse, was charged with stealing 5d., from small child, whose name did not transpire.

— Mr. Edridge, without formally going into the case, asked the prisoner what she did with the money.

— She said she only had fourpence, with which she bought cakes and sweets, and gave the other twopence away.

— Mr. Edridge, in discharging the prisoner, warned her to be very careful of her future conduct, and ordered her mother to pay Mrs. Mellor, the other child’s grandmother, the money which had been lost.

Gloucester Citizen – Thursday 13 September 1928


Alfred H. Stokes, 29, of Chapel-road, Mitcham, was excavating in High-street, Tooting, on Wednesday, for the Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Epsom District Gas Company, when an escape of gas rendered him unconscious. He was taken to St. James’s Hospital, where oxygen was administered, and after a time he recovered, and was later allowed to go home.

Surrey Mirror – Friday 24 April 1931

While repairing the pavement in Chapel-road, Mitcham, on Saturday three Mitcham Council workmen felt the ground give under their feet. They were just in time to leap to safety as the surface fell into well 8ft deep, containing 2ft. of water. The well is bricked one side and heavily the other, and appears to connect with an underground watercourse extending about 30ft. under the pavement.

Gloucester Citizen – Friday 11 November 1932


A piece paper dropped by a prisoner was mentioned at Croydon when Percy Wallis (41), of Chapel-road, Mitcham, was charged on remand with conspiring with Thomas Robins, Constantine Ferrari, and others to steal money from telephone coin boxes.

Wallis was described at the last hearing as the “telephone coin box king,” and the master mind behind numerous telephone box raids, but he denied it.

Mr. Gordon Fraser, for the Post Office, said that the losses from telephone coin-boxes were very large indeed. In April two men were convicted at the Old Bailey. While one was on remand he dropped a paper, picked it up quickly, and tried to destroy it. That paper gave Wallis’s telephone number and address. After that observation was kept almost continuously on him.

Wallis was remanded and bail refused.

Source the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required).

1973 : Life is hell for the forgotten residents

Road stopping up order in the London Gazette Publication date:12 May 1988 Issue:51331 Page:5634

Occupants in the 1911 street directory

27,Mrs Bartripp shopkeeper

1915 Electoral Register
Odd numbers, south side

Skinner, William 5
Ward, Thomas Edward 7
Simmons, Frederick Albert 9
West, George 11
Pinegar, Robert 13
Clark, Thomas 17
Lambert, Charles 19
Homewood, William 21
Elliott, George Henry 23
Franklin, William 25
Howe, John 27
Pearce, Arthur 29
Ferrier, Thomas Arthur 33
Stagg, William 35
Salter, Henry 37

Even numbers, north side

Whale, Charles Frederick 4
Forgham, James 6
Hawkins, Thomas 8
Skilling, John 10
Arnold, Thomas John 12
Jardine, Thomas 14
Winter, James 16
Marshall, Robert 18
Thompson, Thomas 22
Thurtle, Arthur 24
Halestrap, Henry William 26
Davis, John 28
Bradshaw, Henry 30
Stock, John William 32

1933 Electoral Register
Odd numbers, south side

Priscilla SKINNER 5
Alfred MAY 5
Christion MAY 5
Mary WARD 7
Thomas Edward WARD 7
John Henry WARD 7
Alice Maud WHITE 9
Moses Frank WHITE 9
Alice Maude NYE 9
Emily May SIMMONDS 9
Alice WEST 11
George WEST 11
Marjorie Alice WEST 11
Annie PENEGAR 13
George Robert PENEGAR 13
William Robert PENEGAR 13
Emily FROST 15
William Jeremiah Thomas FROST 15
Douglas CLEMENTS 15
Amy Isobel CLEMENTS 15
Eliza CLARK 17
Edmund HOMEWOOD 17
Violet HOMEWOOD 17
William WARREN 19
Florence WARREN 19
William MORLEY 21
Mabel MORLEY 21
George ELLIOTT 23
Rose Mary ELLIOTT 23
Joseph Richard ELLIOTT 23
Mary Ann COLLISON 25
Annie HOWE 27
John HOWE 27
William HOWE 27
Florence HOWE 27
Minnie PEARCE 29
Alfred Hanson REEVES 31
Robert Thomas ALEXANDER 31
Grace Winifred ALEXANDER 31
Arthur Edward CHAPMAN 35
Lucy Alexandra CHAPMAN 35
Henry SALTER 37
Maud Louisa SALTER 37
Albert William SALTER 37

Even numbers, north side

Leonard SIMS 2
Charles Frederick WHALE 4
Minnie WHALE 4
Edna WHALE 4
Ethel Evelyn FORGHAM 6
James Harold FORGHAM 6
Albert James LIDDLE 8
Nellie LIDDLE 8
Elsie WALLIS 10
Reginald PUTTEE 10
Maud PUTTEE 10
Amelia Maria ARNOLD 12
Thomas John ARNOLD 12
William James NORMAN 12
Thomas JARDINE 14
Rhoda JARDINE 14
Cecil Frank CRITTENDEN 16
Edith Maud CRITTENDEN 16
Charles BLACKBURN 16
Margaret MARSHALL 18
Robert MARSHALL 18
Edward SMITH 18
Doris May SMITH 18
Frank WALLACE 20
Gertrude WALLACE 20
Harry TANNER 20
Rebecca TANNER 20
Lizzie Bullock THOMPSON 22
William THOMPSON 22
Olive Eunice THOMPSON 22
Arthur THURTLE 24
Grace Lilian THURTLE 24
Henry William HALESTRAP 26
Cissie PRIOR 26
Alice Elizabeth DAVIS 28
John DAVIS 28
John James DAVIS 28
Emily Jane JOHNSON 32
William Henry JOHNSON 32
Amy Emily JOHNSON 32

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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