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Flat Tops

Cottages that were near Tramway Terrace, on the west side of the Carshalton Road, south of Mitcham Junction station, as described by J.D. Drewett in his Memories of Mitcham, published in 1926:

Many old houses in Mitcham have disappeared — a row of old cottages stood behind the Goat Inn — only two remain. Of several old cottages on the farm lands of Messrs. Mizen, along Amoys Lane one remains. Rumbolds Farm — and many old cottages called the Flat Tops — also stood on this estate, and were demolished many years ago. The site of Tramway Terrace was an open garden with only one small cottage at the entrance to Amoys Lane. There was a small pond in front of the Flat Tops, and two wells in the gardens. The railway to Croydon crossed the road level, and had a small cottage for the gatekeeper’s use.

1867 OS map

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Arney’s Lane

Road without houses that leads off the west side of Carshalton Road, south of Drake Road and north of The Goat Inn at Beddington Corner. It divides the terraces of houses in Carshalton Road between numbers 23 on the north side and number 24 on the south side. Numbers 124 to 53 Carshalton Road was originally called Tramway Terrace.

This 1866 OS map shows an unnamed lane leading to Willow Cottage.

1866 OS map

The 1894 OS map shows the road named as Arney’s Lane, leading to willow Lodge. The name refers to the gelatine makers Arney & Company, and the lane lead to where Gerard Arney lived, according to Eric Montague.

1894 OS map

The road is, in 2020, an unmade, private road used for parking by residents of nearby houses. It leads to the footpath at the back of the houses that is shown on earlier maps as Tramway Path.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.