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Collingwood Road

Road with houses only on its east side. At its north end is Fox’s Path. At the south end, the road is accessed from Blake Road, off Miles Road. On its west side is a trading estate, formerly the site of Thomas Parson’s varnish factory.

The houses are numbered even, from south to north, from 2 to 56. Royal Mail postcode website says there are 28 addresses, all with the postcode CR4 3DH.

1953 OS map

The road was probably built in the late 1920s, as it isn’t mentioned in the 1925 street directory.

Occupants from the 1933 Electoral Register

2, Charles Alfred and Emily CAIN
4, William Stanley and Ivy Gertrude LAWRENCE
6, Percival Arthur and Ada SPENCE
8, Edward Charles and Gertrude FOWLER; George and Alice GARDNER
10, Montague, Martha Lucy and Montague John MANDER
12, Thomas and Maggie Rose GAMBLE
14, Alfred Thomas and Beatrice Ellen MANLEY
16, Henry George, Alice, Annie Elizabeth and William Lawrence TINGEY
18, William and Esther GUENIGAULT; Joseph and Phyllis Irene GREEN
20, Frederick James and Winifred Louisa CLATWORTHY
22, George, Eliza, Mabel and Leslie LONG
24, Alfred and Annie GILLETT; Sydney and Mabel SCHMID
26, Arthur Stanley and Hilda PHELPS; Albert Fred GROVER
28, James and Margaret CONGRAVE
30, Percy Westlake and Fanny VEALE
32, Cecil Vaughan and Rhida Louise RICHE; Frderick and Phyllis WALTERS
34, James and Rose GRIMSHAW
36, Walter and Annie SMITH
38, Alfred and Winifred DAVIES; Henry EVANS
40, Albert Edward and Amelia Mary PAINTER
42, Cyril Brian and Maud Edith CARR
44, Albert Henry and Alice Jessie SNOSWELL
46, Henry Edward and Florence Lilian GIBBS
48, Walter and Isabel WILSON
50, Charles Henry William and Florence BARNES
52, George Walter and Dorothy Louise LONG; Minnie DAVIES
54, Charles Thomas and Nellie PAYNE
56, William Henry and Kathleen Gertrude GASTER

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Mortuary Chapel in parish churchyard

In 1882, the parish church’s burial ground was enlarged and a mortuary chapel was built by Crockett at a cost of £1,761, as referred to in an advertised tender in the Surrey Mirror. (Adjusted for inflation, this was the equivalent of around £200,000 today.)

An entrance from Church Road was made, opposite the post office (later 71 Church Road). A path from this entrance led to a circular path in front the chapel.

The new burial ground was consecrated on 15th January 1883 by the Bishop of Rochester.

This 1910 Ordnance Survey map shows the entrance to the chapel as being opposite the letter box on the west side of Church Road. Another building is shown north east of the chapel, along the wall with Miles Road. The entrance that is there today is not shown and it is not known whether this building was related to the mortuary chapel.

1910 OS map

When Mitcham became part of the London Borough of Merton in 1965, the Coroner decided that autopsies and inquests would be performed at Battersea for both Merton and Wandsworth. This decision was recorded in the minutes of the Parks, Cemeteries and Allotments Committee dated 26th May 1965:

612. Mitcham and Wimbledon Mortuaries

The Director of Parks reported

(i) that following the reorganisation of the London boroughs, H.M. Coroner had decided that as from the 1st April, 1965, he will hold all inquests for both the London boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth at the Battersea Coroner’s Court and that consequently all autopsies on bodies will be carried out at the Battersea Mortuary; and

(ii) that no request has been made to use the Wimbledon and Mitcham mortuaries which had been kept in readiness since the 1st April in case local funeral directors wish to use them as Chapels of Rest, and

(iii) that consequently there seemed to be no necessity to keep the mortuaries available particularly as some financial arrangements would have to be agreed with the London Borough of Wandsworth for bodies admitted to the Battersea Mortuary from this borough.

Source: Minutes of proceedings of the council and committees, London Borough of Merton Council Minutes, 1965-66, volume 2, part 1.

On page 68 of Mitcham Histories: 12 Church Street and Whitford Lane, by the late Eric Montague, is a photograph of the building he took around 1990. The colour version of this photo can be seen on the Merton Historical Society’s website, although it says that it was taken in the 1970s.

Today, nothing is left of the chapel building, although the circular path remains. It is currently not known when it was demolished.

Photo taken 26th April 2017 of plot where mortuary chapel once stood.

Measurements made using the online map show the length of 45 feet along its east-west side, and its depth of 30 feet along its north-south side.

Inquests were held at the Mortuary Chapel. Here are links to some newspaper articles that reported them.

1895 Death from pleurisy
1910 Miss Ellen Peerless, of the Ship Laundry

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the London Borough of Merton are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Simmonds Cottages

Listed in the 1925 street directory as a terrace of 3 houses on the south side of Miles Lane (later Miles Road), east of the parish churchyard and west of Edmund Road. The houses were numbered east to west as 1,2,3:

1, Charles Bunce
2, A.F. North, boot repairer
2, Edward North
3, William Henry North

1910 OS map

1910 OS map

The cottages were demolished, sometime before 1953 as the OS map for that year shows that the varnish factory of RJ Hamer occupies the site. After the paint factory closed, the site was used for various car repair workshops. In 2007, the site was redeveloped for housing as Venus Mews.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

R.A. Stephen & Co., Ltd.

120/126 Lavender Avenue

Instrument Makers
Light Engineers

As listed in the 1963 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

Ad from 1973 gives address as Miles Road:

40 hr. week. Starting at £17.30, plus time keeping bonus.
Long service pay. Canteen facilities. Sick pay.
R. A. STEPHEN & CO. LTD., Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey.
Telephone: 01-648-1668.

R.J. Hamer paints and varnishes

2 Miles Road
Varnish Paints

82 Church Road
Despatch Depot

Borough of Mitcham List of Factories,
Town Clerk’s Department,
July 1963.
Available at Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.
Reference L2 (670) MIT

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

Incorporating J.L. Fordham and Sons (est. 1837) – according to this newspaper ad in 1943 when the company’s protective paints and industrial finishes were mainly being produced for the war effort, but limited quantities were still available for Approved Essential Purposes. Two of their products named were ‘Pedigree’ Hard Drying Enamel Gloss Paint and ‘Perfecto’ Washable Water Paint.

8th June 1943

8th June 1943


1972 phone book Hamer

From the 1961 Kelly’s directory:

Manufacturers of “Aristocrat” Enamels & Syntheic Finishes.
“Pedigree” Hard Drying Gloss Paint & Varnishes,
“Perfecto” Water Paint, Japans, Lacquers, & Industrial Finishes.

From the minutes of Mitcham Borough Council:


—The committee received the following report from the Chief Sanitary Inspector

— To the Chairman and Members of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

May 18, 1937.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Re complaint of fumes from Hamer’s varnish factory, Miles Road, I have made observation in Frimley Gardens as follows:-

May 10th at 11 a.m., no fumes, plant working;
May 13th at 11.45 a.m. to 11.55 a.m., very slight fumes;
May 13th at 3 p.m. to 3.10 p.m., very slight fumes, plant working;
May 14th at 11.30 a.m., no fumes, plant working;
May 15th at 11 a.m., no fumes, plant working;
May 18th ay 11.25 a.m., very slight fumes, plant working.

I have interviewed Mr. Bett, of Messrs. Hamer and Sons, on May 18, 1937, re this complaint and inspected the factory. Mr. Bett informed me that slight fume was unavoidable when the pots were moved. He also said he would be pleased to show any member of the Council the plant in operation.

I am of opinion that by the installation of the plant Messrs. Hamer and Sons have used the best practical means of abating the nuisance.

Yours obediently,
Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Resolved, That the Sanitary Inspector be asked to keep these Premises under further observation, and to submit a further report thereon to the Public Health Committee.

Source: Proceedings of the Council and committees, Mitcham Borough Council, Volume 3 1936-37

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Hygienic Wireworks

Listed in the 1973 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories at

79 Miles Road

Sheet Metal and Wire Work

From Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History:

Sheet metal and wire workers of Mitcham.
1850 Company founded.
1925 Private company.
1961 Sheet metal and wire workers, producing Genykage cages, Blend occasional furniture, Genyk hardware products, fireguards, plastic coated wire work, bathroom cabinets, meat safes, saucepan stands. 250 employees.

Company bought by Spillers in around 1969.

Then bought by Chapman Seating, according to their website:

Chapman Seating purchased Genyk Products Limited and their factory at Mitcham in South London from the Spillers Group and all the pet type products including bird and hamster cages ceased production as they were no longer economical or viable in a diminishing pet market. Chapman Seating moved to this factory and traded under the Genyk Products name for a while, but the trading name reverted to the well known and respected Chapman Seating again after two years.

1947 Miles Road

From Britain From Above

These photos have been kindly provided by a user from the Facebook Mitcham History Group:



1969 Bill receives his long term service award

1969 Bill Stephens receives his long term service award

1969 Bill receives a watch for 55 years with the company

1969 George Stephens receives a watch for 55 years with the company

Bill Stephens (1900-1987) joined the company in 1914 at the age of 14, when the company started in Peckham, and he and his family moved to Mitcham when the factory was established there. He completed 55 years’ service in 1969.

His two brothers, George (1903-1970) and Charles (1902-1984), also worked for the company, and both lost their sight because of that work. One of the brothers worked with chromium plating and acid splashed into his face, damaging his eyes. He lived a 5 minute walk from the factory, and was able to continue working there.

Another fellow on the Facebook Mitcham History Group said

I worked there around 1965, brazing fire guards……abysmal. There were two of us, one loaded while the other brazed them together, it was a bonus system so no let up for the 8 hrs you were there, couldn’t let your partner down. I remember spot welding machines that spat out white hot steel that sometimes went into your shoe – ouch !!!







1965 ad from Norwood News

£1.60 per hour plus overtime.
We produce Presswork and Wirework, and require toolmakers to manufacture and maintain our presstools and welding fixtures. Apply to:

Derek Bennett,
Genyk Products Ltd
Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey
Telephone : 648 7071

19770211 wireworks job ad

11th Feb 1977

Articles from the British Newspaper Archives

25th January 1946



FEE 10/- inclusive of sleeping accommodation (if required) and meals.


“ Practical Aspects Industrial Nursing.”

Miss M. M. Durrant, Sister-in-Charge, The Hygienic Wire Works Ltd., Mitcham.

Source: Nottingham Evening Post – Friday 25 January 1946 from the British Newspaper Archive

Edmund Road

Road of houses that runs in a north-westerly direction from Love Lane, to Miles Road. Postcode is CR4 3AR.

First houses at Love Lane end were probably built around 1901/3. In Sept 1901, 63 plots were put up for auction:

3rd Sept 1901 auction

3rd Sept 1901 auction

On 10th Sept 1903, E. Iles was given permission to build 2 cottages in Edmund Road.

This OS map of 1910 shows houses at the Love Lane end, which are numbered 1 to 11 odd on the west side and 2 to 12 even on the right.

In 1924 council houses were built by the Mitcham Urban District Council, with Robert Masters Chart as architect. These were numbered 14 to 44 even on the east side, and 15 to 49 on the west side. Source: Minutes of the Mitcham Urban District Council, volume 10, 1924, numerous pages describing progress of works.

For these 34 houses, the council received 560 applications. This number was reduced to 218 by considering only those that lived in overcrowded conditions. This was further reduced to 47 for those that lived with 4 or more persons in a room. This list of 47 was then examined by the council collector who produced a special report on the conditions they were currently living in, with attention paid to cleanliness as well as overcrowding. The list was reduced to 34, and this is shown below. The number of the schedule does not refer to the house number.

No. Name Address No. in Family No. of Rooms Occupation of Husband
1 A.T. HUGHES 48 Boyd Road 5 1 Engineers Fitter
2 W.J. ALMOND London Road 5 1 Motor Mechanic
3 H.E. FOSTER 11 Oakwood Avenue 5 1 Labourer
4 R. ROGERS Nags Head Yard 6 Dustman
5 W.F. BROWN 46 Marian Road 5 1 Roadman
6 E.F. HARTLEBURY Manor Road 4 1 Timekeeper
7 H. PARSONS 1 Berkeley Place 7 Colour Grinder
8 W.W. BRUTY 30 Gorringe Park Avenue 6 1 Hide Grainer
9 C.E. GOWAR 46 Pitcairn Road 4 1 Labourer
10 Mr. PARTRIDGE 11 Tramway Terrace 4 1 Labourer
11 S.D. HIGGINS 1 Morden Road 4 1 Motor Driver
12 A.G. CHARFONT 31 Cavendish Road 5 1 Conductor
13 H.H. SMITH 4 Seaton Road 4 1 Labourer
14 R.E. GOARD 26 Greyhound Terrace 4 1 Foreman
15 J.H. MULLINS 109 Church Road 4 1 Labourer
16 E.J.W. WALE Earslfield 4 1 Mitcham
17 H.E. DOWNS 31a Grenfell Road 4 1 Piano Maker
18 Mrs. GORMAN 9 Farewell Place 4 1
19 C.D. RANDALLS Islington 8 2 Mitcham
20 R.J. CHEEK 19 Renmuir Street 6 1 Painter
21 Mr. BUTCHER 90 Sibthorp Road 4 1 Carman
22 W. BLAKE 11 Farewell Place 5 1 Labourer
23 J.L. RIMINGTON Streatham 4 1 Mitcham
24 D. TAYLOR 10 Belgrave Road 4 1 Gravel Digger
25 E.F. ADAMS 4 Bruce Road 4 1 Pavior
26 H.O. HYDE Mitcham 5 1 Hadfields Factory
27 H.A. WATSON 80 Mount Road 5 2 Butcher
28 G. DEARN Bramley St Marks Road 3 Nurseryman
29 W. HILL 4 Miles Lane 7 2 Labourer
30 ROBERTS 5 Bridge Road 4 1 Clerk
31 C.D. HAYES 50 Warren Road 7 2 Clerk
32 A.H. ANGLISS 37 Phipps Bridge Road 4 1 M.U.D.C.
33 J.T. SIMPSON 375 Church Road 4 2 Engineer
34 W. BRAZIER 31B Grenfell Road 7 2 Bus Driver

World War 1 Connections
Private Charles William Lambert

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.