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Rose Nursery

Weatherboarded cottage in Tramway Path.

There are two photos of this cottage on the City of London ‘Collage’ collection, both with the year of 1977, so perhaps it was demolished after that.

Image courtesy of Collage - The London Picture Library - http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

1977 Image courtesy of Collage – The London Picture Library – http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

Image courtesy of Collage - The London Picture Library - http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

1977 Image courtesy of Collage – The London Picture Library – http://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk

From the 1911 commercial directory:

Arthur George & Ephraim SIMMONS, florists, Tramway path, Lower Mitcham

The 1915 street directory names the cottage:

Tramway Path, from London Road, Lower Mitcham

George THOMPSON, florist (Station Nursery)
Ephraim SIMMONS, florist (Rose Nursery)

The cottage is shown on this 1953 OS map:

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

An area in the south ward called Simmons’ Land was recorded in UDC minutes of 1917 as being of 13 acres. This land was used for allotments during the war. From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District council, volume III, 1917 to 1918, 19th June, 1917, page 52.

Agnes Clarrissa Simmons, the daughter of Arthur George Simmons, married Private Percy John Hale in February 1916. She lived with her parents in Elmwood Road.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

1918 Manhole rescue awards

From the News of the World, 27th January 1918

Sir Arthur Spurgeon yesterday, as chairman of Croydon County Bench, handed certificates of the Carnegie Heroes Fund and £10 each to Shoeing-smith Thomas Gleed, of Peckham; John Lemon, of Merton; and P.c. Davies, of Mitcham. Lemon and Davies took their award in the form of War Bonds.

In October last, at Mitcham, a man named Alfred Simmons was overcome by gas when cleaning sewers. Lemon, his mate, went down to his rescue, and was also overcome. Gleed then descended, but was forced back by the fumes. Ignoring a doctor’s warning, he went down again, and was brought up unconscious. Lemon, in the meanwhile, had regained consciousness, and was saved by grasping a lowered rope. P.c. Davies then went down, but was hauled up in an unconscious condition. He, however, made a second attempt, and succeeded in getting a rope round Simmons’ body. Simmons was brought up unconscious but survived.

19180127 NotW

Lavender Grove in Westfields

The road called Lavender Grove, off of Lavender Avenue and parallel with Mortimer Road, was built in the 1930s. Possibly named from a group of nearby cottages that were situated near what is now the junction of Steers Mead.

1952 OS Map

1952 OS Map

Lavender Grove in the ‘west fields’, was referred to in a newspaper story about a fire in 1889. The actual location is uncertain, but the article refers to the water supply for the fire brigade to be too far away in Merton Lane (later Western Road).

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 17 August 1889 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

Fire at Westfields.

The Volunteer Fire Brigade received call on Monday night 11.50 to a fire at Westfields. The men were mustered and the steamer taken to the spot in a very few minutes, when it was found that two cottages in the occupation of Mr. Simmons, jun., florist, namely, 3 and 4, Rosemary-cottages, Lavender-grove, and used by him for the storage of herbs, were well alight.

The nearest fire plug being over 400 yards distant in Merton-lane, the brigade had not sufficient hose to reach the burning cottages, and a mounted patrol was dispatched for the Merton Brigade, which arrived shortly afterwards.

By this time, however, the fire had obtained a good hold, the efforts of the firemen were directed principally to the surrounding property. By about 3 a.m. the flames were extinguished, the result being that the two cottages were gutted the contents destroyed.

It is understood that the property is fully insured in the Phoenix Office. The cause of the fire is unknown.

An 1865 birth certificate has Lavender Grove as the address of Louis James Block.

1865 birth certificate

1865 birth certificate