1867 Private Residents Directory

From the 1867 Post Office Directory

Adams Edward,esq. Lower Mitcham
Anderson Rev. William [Independent], Cambridge cottage.
Asquith David, esq. Mitcham common
Attwood Alfred, esq. Hall place
Barter Mrs. Lower Mitcham green
Bartley Mrs. Lower Mitcham green
Bennett Samuel James, esq. Morden la
Boyce Mrs. Park place
Breach John. Robert, esq. Wandle villa
Bridger George, esq. Manor house
Bridger James, esq. Manor house
Clarke James, esq. Upper Mitcham
Cobbett James, esq. Baron grove
Coles Chas. esq. The Firs, Low. Mitcham
Cowie Richard Vandome, esq. Church st
Delay William esq. Merton road
Duckworth Frederick John,esq. Wandle Grove house
Ewer Misses, Grove cottage, Mitcham common
Flemwell John esq. Chesnuts
Flockton Mrs. Upper Mitcham
Fry Richard, esq. The Canons
Fry Walter John, esq. Berkeley cottage
Gale Frederick, esq. Wykeham cottage
Gedge Sidney, esq. Mitcham
Gordon Capt. Charles, Elm cottage
Gray Mr. Joseph, Merton lane
Green Mr. Thomas, Mitcham common
Grove Mrs. Mitcham house
Hall Miss, Lower Mitcham
Hamilton Thos. Wm. M.D.Low Mitcham
Herby Mies,Baron grove,Low.IVIitehara
Harland Robert, esq. Homefield
Harland Saml. Robt. seq. Phipps bridge
Harvey Geo. Thos. esq. Upper Mitcham
Harwood William Russell, esq. Mitcham common
Haynes Misses, Lower Mitcham
Hersee Mr. William, Lower Mitcham
Hodd Mr. Richard, Merton road
Hodgson James, esq. Whitford lane
Holden Mrs. Church st. Low. Mitcham
Hooper George, esq. The Cedars
Hooper William, esq. Mitcham common
Howard Edwin B. esq. Sherwood lodge, Mitcham common
Hunt Charles, esq. The Willows
Hurst Daniel, esq. Manor cottage, Figg’s marsh
Inglis Mrs. Dinton villas
Johnson Henry Marcus, esq. Durham ho
Knight Jasper, esq. Whitford lane
Kydd Samuel, esq. Love lane
Lockhart Mrs. Upper Mitcham
Loft Fredk. esq. The Cedars, Mitcham common
Mann Robert, esq. New close
Marshall Edward, esq. Church street
Martin Miss, Lower Mitcham
Mills Edward, esq. Baron house
Moseley John K. esq. Elm court
Nepean Evan Colville, esq. Newton cot
Newton William, esq. Mitcham common
Nichols William N. esq. Baron grove
Nobes James, esq. Phipps bridge
Orr Rev. Thomas [Independent], Dinton villas
Parsons Thomas, esq. Morden lane
Paxton James, esq. Dinton villas
Pearson Mrs. Cranmers, Mitcham comn
Plumer Hall, esq. New Barns farm
Railton Edward, esq. Love lane
Robinson Christopher, esq
Rust Samuel, esq, Biggin farm
Rutter Isaac, esq. Glebelands
Rutter Misses, Glebelands
Satchell Edward, esq. Cedar villa, Mitcham common
Smith Mrs. Kline cottages
Smyth Mr. George, Upper Mitcham
Stagland Henry, esq. Manor house
Stanton John, esq. The Grove
Swainson EdWard, esq. Baron grove
Thomas Charles Evan, esq. Crannmers
Trist Richard, esq. Mitcham common
Ward James, esq. Lower Mitcham
Watson Joseph, esq. Mill Cottage, The Common
Weir Mrs. Upper Mitcham
Westbrook Mr. Zachariah, Low. Mitcham
Williams Mrs. Mitcham common
Wilson Rev. Daniel Frederick, M.A. Vicarage, Lower Mitcham

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