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Mitcham Stadium

Sports stadium, which occupied around 8 acres, north of Eastfields Road and opposite the football ground in Sandy Lane, was built in 1935 and was sold to property developer Wates Ltd in 1955.

1952 OS map

1953 aerial photo showing football and rugby posts on the field. Fernlea Road is on the left, with Sandy lane at the top.

Mitcham Borough council minutes of 6th December 1934, volume 1, page 89, record a letter received from Mr S.E. Parkes:


Read letter from Mr. S. E. Parkes stating that he had had under consideration a scheme for the
utilisation of the disused gravel pit in Eastfields Road for the purpose of a Rugby football ground, and asking whether any objection would be raised by the Council in connection with
the user of this land for the purpose under the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme.

Resolved, That Mr. Parkes be informed that no objection will be offered by the Council.

A detailed history of the stadium can be found at the Gandermonium blog.

Mitcham News & Mercury, 18th May, 1935

Norwood News, 6th September 1935, showing construction of one of the two stands. 300 tons of steel was used in each stand, and by comparison, the Majestic cinema had 350 tons.

Norwood News, 6th September 1935 advertising the opening of the stadium the next day.

In addition to rugby, Irish games such as hurling were played at the stadium.

In 1954, the stadium was called ‘A White Elephant’ in this article in the 1st July issue of the Mitcham & Tooting Advertiser:

The site was sold to Wates Ltd who built housing with Guyatt Gardens, Ormerod Gardens, Fowler Road, Priestley Road with Roper Way connecting to Eastfields Road.

Mitcham and Tooting Advertiser, 26th May 1955, page 1.

House for sale ad in 1965 referred to the former Mitcham Stadium.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Fernlea Road

Road at south eastern end of Graham Avenue and Graham Road, connecting to Sandy Lane. Twelve houses at the southern end of the road were called Colwin and Leighton Cottages.

1952 OS Map

1952 OS Map

possibly 1927

World War 1 Connections

Private Harold Edgar Carter

Private George Francis Drewett

Lance Corporal Percy Herbert Sellers

Able Seaman Clarence John Wharton

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

H E BATEMAN of 83 Fernlea Road, aged 18 Years 1 Months, Coalboy. Conscripted on 11 January 1917 to the 22nd Training Reserve Batn.

Harold G CARTER of 3 Fernlea Road. Conscripted on 25 February 1918 to the Royal Fusiliers (53rd Ysb).

A S EDWARDS of 79 Fernlea Road, aged 18 Years, Baker. Conscripted on 8 November 1916 to the Norfolk Regiment (2/6th Batn).

A W ELLIS of Llanberris Fernlea Road, aged 26 Years 11 Months, Printer. Conscripted on 12 December 1916 to the Royal Sussex Regiment (1/6th Batn).

C E HOAD of Snowdon Cott Fernlea Road, aged 17 Years 11 Months, Labourer. Conscripted on 2 April 1917 to the 30th Training Reserve Batn.

W H KIRKHAM of 35 Fernlea Road, aged 21 Years 9 Months, Barman. Volunteered on 8 June 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment.

J MORLEY of 57 Fernlea Road, aged 21 Years 2 Months, Labourer. Volunteered on 6 December 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (3rd Batn).

H C PETLEY of 83 Fernlea Road, aged 39 Years, Etcher. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment (25th Batn).

A TOURLE of 27 Fernlea Road, aged 25 Years 8 Months, Confectioner. Conscripted on 14 January 1916 to the 5th Labour Corps (301st Labour Co).

A E TRUCKELL of 47 Fernlea Rd, aged 30 Years, Grinder. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

H TURNER of 67 Fernlea Road, aged 17 Years 11 Months, Engineer. Conscripted on 28 October 1916 to the 21st Training Reserve Batn.

G WEBB of 17 Fernlea Road, aged 20 Years 2 Months, Machinist. Volunteered on 9 November 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment (11th Batn).

C F WELLER of 39 Fernlea Road, aged 18 Years, Sawyer. Conscripted on 21 June 1916 to the Royal Sussex Regiment (3rd Batn).

From the Military Service Tribunals:

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 30th November, 1917
Mitcham Tribunal

Mr A.W.C. Carter aged 41, married, Fernlea-road, Mitcham, a master builder, appealed on financial and business grounds. His staff consists of his young son, two discharged men and one man over 50 years of age. He was classified C1 and was a special constable. He has had total exemption so long as he resumed his present employment. He had seven children and a delicate wife. A certificate from the inspector of the Mitcham specials, stating that the applicant was very efficient in the discharge of his duties. Applicant said he did a great deal of sanitary work.

The Chairman : I suppose the position is as before? – Yes, sir.

Ald. Chart : About how many houses have you to attend to? – About a thousand, sir.

Three months’ exemption.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

The Willows

Demolished in the late 19th century and the roads Graham Road, Graham Avenue, Elmfield Avenue and Fernlea Road were built on this land.

Described by Eric Montague in his book Mitcham Histories : 2 North Mitcham, page 74, as having extensive stabling, farmery, meadows and gardens.

1865 OS map

1865 OS map

One of the developers of houses on the Willows Estate may have been Nott & Cartwright, as shown in the auction ad of 1899:


NOTT – CARTWRIGHT.— Freeholds. 34 building plots. the Willows Estate, Mitcham i ; at the Falcon Hotel, Clapham Junction, at 7.

Source: London Evening Standard – Thursday 27 April 1899 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

In the 1900 electoral registers, owners were named of some of the lots on the Willows Estate:

Name Address Lot(s)
Frank Denyer 183 Clapham Park Road 11, 12, 13
Benjamin William Dale 130 Falcon Road, Battersea 36
James Dale 130 Falcon Road, Battersea 36
William Frederick Laing Mortimer House, Bond Road, Battersea 40

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Colwin and Leighton Cottages

12 houses at southern end of Fernlea Road.

Described in 1925 street directory:

from Sandy Lane
no.s 1 to 95 odd
…here is Graham Road
…here is Graham Avenue
Colwin Cottages: no.s 1,2,3,4
Leighton Cottages: no.s 8 to 1 inclusive

From the 1911 commercial directory:

William Ernest Brown, shopkeeper, 4 Colwin cottages, Fernlea rd